• Cannon and Cornfield at Dawn


    National Battlefield Maryland

Captain John Tompkins Collection

Captain John Tompkins

Captain John A. Tompkins commanded Battery A, 1st Rhode Island Artillery at the Battle. His battery was part of the Second Corps attack toward the Sunken Road or Bloody Lane. Captain Tompkins and his men fired over 1,000 rouds of ammunition in about three hours and withstood a Confederate infantry attack right into their guns that led to hand to hand fighting.

Captain Tompkins wrote an offical report of his battery at Antietam.


Did You Know?

William McKinley as a soldier and president.

William McKinley served at Antietam as a Commissary Sergeant in the 23rd Ohio Infantry before becoming the nation’s 25th President. A monument to him at Antietam was dedicated in his memory on October 13, 1903, two years after he was assassinated.