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    National Battlefield Maryland

51st New York Volunteer Infantry Monument

Dedicated: 1908

Location: East side of Antietam Creek at Burnside Bridge

Map Number: 87

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51st New York Volunteer Infantry Monument

51st New York Volunteer Infantry Monument

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Monument Text:
New York Infantry
Shepard Rifles
Col. Robert B. Potter,
2d Brigade - Ferrero's 2d Division - Sturgis'
9th Army Corps - Burnside's
Army of the Potomac.
In compliance with orders received from General Burnside on the morning of September 17, the 51st New York and the 51st Pennsylvania were selected to carry this bridge at all hazards. The 51st New York, with the 51st Pennsylvania on its right, formed on the ridge in the rear of this position, moved forward at double quick, and at One P.M. carried the bridge at the point of the Bayonet. The passage was obstinately disputed.

Casualties 1 officer and 18 men killed 4 officers and 64 men wounded Total 87

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Six generals were killed or mortally wounded at the Battle of Antietam - 3 Union and 3 Confederate. Today, the location where they were killed is marked by a mortuary cannon, a cannon barrel muzzle down in a block of stone.