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    National Battlefield Maryland

Monument to Gen. Robert E. Lee

Dedicated: June 24, 2005
Location: North of Route 34 just west of the Middle Bridge over Antietam Creek
Map Number: 63
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Monument to Gen. Robert E. Lee

Monument to Gen. Robert E. Lee

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Monument Text:
Gen. Robert E. Lee, CSA
Army of Northern Virginia
General Lee led his troops along this road into Sharpsburg on September 15, 1862. Outmanned 2-1 he would outmaneuver the Federals on the 17th. Although hoping for a decisive victory Lee had to settle for a military draw. Robert E. Lee was personally against secession and slavery, but decided his duty was to fight for his home and the universal right of every people to self-determination.

Did You Know?

President Lincoln

President Abraham Lincoln visited Antietam Battlefield two weeks after the battle and spent four days visiting General George McClellan, touring the battlefield and visiting the wounded of both sides.