• Cannon and Cornfield at Dawn


    National Battlefield Maryland

Army of Northern Virginia - Right Wing, part 2

Longstreet's (Right) Wing, Part 2

BGen David R. Jones

Toombs' Brigade
BGen Robert A. Toombs
Col Henry L. Benning
2nd Georgia, LtCol William R. Holmes (k), Maj Skidmore Harris (w),
Capt Abner M. Lewis
15th Georgia, Col W. T. Millican (mw), Capt Thomas H. Jackson
17th Georgia, Capt J. A. McGregor
20th Georgia, Col John B. Cumming

Drayton's Brigade
BGen Thomas F. Drayton
50th Georgia, LtCol Francis Kearse
51st Georgia
15th South Carolina, Col William D. DeSaussure

Pickett's Brigade
Col Eppa Hunton
BGen Richard B. Garnett
8th Virginia, Col Eppa Hunton
18th Virginia, Maj George C. Cabell
19th Virginia, Col John B. Strange (k, 9/14), Capt J. L. Cochran,
Lt William N. Wood
28th Virginia, Capt W. L. Wingfield
56th Virginia, Col William D. Stuart, Captain John B. McPhail, Jr. (w, 9/14)

Kemper's Brigade
BGen James L. Kemper
1st Virginia, Capt George F. Newton, Maj William H. Palmer
7th Virginia, Maj Arthur Herbert
11th Virginia, Maj Adam Clement (w, 9/14)
17th Virginia, Col Montgomery D. Corse (w)
24th Virginia, Col William R. Terry

Jenkins' Brigade
Col Joseph Walker
1st South Carolina (Volunteers), LtCol Daniel Livingston (w)
2nd South Carolina Rifles, Col Robert A. Thompson
5th South Carolina, Capt Thomas C. Beckham
6th South Carolina, Capt E. B. Cantey (w)
4th South Carolina Battalion (5 companies), Lt W. T. Field
Palmetto (South Carolina) Sharpshooters, Capt A. H. Foster (w), Capt F. W. Kirkpatrick

Anderson's Brigade
Col George T. Anderson
1st Georgia (Regulars), Col William J. Magill (w), Capt Richard A. Wayne
7th Georgia, Col George H. Carmical
8th Georgia, Col John R. Towers
9th Georgia, LtCol John C. L. Mounger (w)
11th Georgia, Maj Francis H. Little

Fauquier (Virginia) Artillery (Stribling's battery) (left at Leesburg, VA)
Loudoun (Virginia) Artillery (Rogers' battery) (left at Leesburg, VA)
Turner (Virginia) Artillery (Leake's battery) (left at Leesburg, VA)
Wise (Virginia) Artillery, Capt James S. Brown

Gen John G. Walker

Walker's Brigade
Col Van H. Manning (w),
Col Edward D. Hall
3rd Arkansas, Capt John W. Reedy
27th North Carolina, Col John R. Cooke
46th North Carolina, Col Edward D. Hall, LtCol William A. Jenkins
48th North Carolina, Col Robert C. Hill
30th Virginia, LtCol Robert S. Chew (w)
Stafford (Virginia) Battery, Capt Thomas B. French

Ransom's Brigade
BGen Robert Ransom, Jr.
24th North Carolina, LtCol John L. Harris
25th North Carolina, Col Henry M. Rutledge
35th North Carolina, Col Matt W. Ransom
49th North Carolina, LtCol Leroy M. McAfee
Branch's (Virginia) Artillery, Capt James R. Branch

BGen John B. Hood

Hood's Brigade
Col William T. Wofford
18th Georgia, LtCol Solon Z. Ruff
Hampton (South Carolina) Legion, LtCol Martin W. Gary
1st Texas, LtCol Philip A. Work
4th Texas, LtCol Benjamin F. Carter
5th Texas, Capt Ike N.M. Turner

Law's Brigade
Col Evander M. Law
4th Alabama, LtCol Owen K. McLemore (mw 9/14), Capt Lawrence H. Scruggs (w),
Capt William M. Robbins
2nd Mississippi, Col John M. Stone (w), Lt Moody
11th Mississippi, Col Philip F. Liddell (mw 9/16), LtCol Samuel F. Butler (mw),
Maj Taliaferro S. Evans (k)
6th North Carolina, Maj Robert F. Webb (w)

Maj Bushrod W. Frobel
German (South Carolina) Artillery, Capt William K. Bachman
Palmetto (South Carolina) Artillery, Capt Hugh R. Garden
Rowan (North Carolina) Artillery, Capt James Reilly

Evans' Brigade
BGen Nathan G. Evans
Col Peter F. Stevens (w)
17th South Carolina, Col Fitz W. McMaster
18th South Carolina, Col William H. Wallace
22rd South Carolina, LtCol Thomas C. Watkins (mw 9/14), Maj Miel Hilton
23rd South Carolina, Capt S. A. Durham (w, 9/14), Lt E. R. White
Holcombe (South Carolina) Legion, Col Peter F. Stevens (w)
Macbeth (South Carolina) Artillery, Capt Robert Boyce

Washington (Louisiana) Artillery Col James B. Walton
1st Company, Capt Charles W. Squires
2rd Company, Capt John B. Richardson
3rd Company, Capt Merritt B. Miller
4th Company, Capt Benjamin F. Eshleman

Lee's Battalion Col S. D. Lee
Ashland (Virginia) Artillery, Capt Pichegru Woolfolk, Jr.
Bedford (Virginia) Artillery, Capt Tyler C. Jordan
Brooks (South Carolina) Artillery, Lt William Elliott
Eubank's (Virginia) Battery, Capt John L. Eubank
Madison (Louisiana) Light Artillery, Capt George V. Moody
Parker's (Virginia) Battery, Capt William W. Parker

Notes of Abbreviations:

Lt = Lietutenant
Capt = Captain
Maj = Major
LtCol = Lieutenant Colonel
Col = Colonel
BGen = Brigadier General
MGen = Major General

(w) = wounded
(mw) = mortally wounded
(k) = killed
(c) = captured
Unless otherwise noted, casualities occured on September 17th.

Did You Know?

Cannon with fall colors

Robert E. Lee's son, Robert Jr., was a private with the Rockbridge Artillery who fought at the Battle of Antietam