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Staff Rides

JROTC Cadets stand in uniform on the prison site
JROTC cadets stand in formation on the prison site during a staff ride.
NPS/E. Leonard

A military staff ride is a group exercise of three distinct phases: preliminary study, field study, and integration. It is designed for further the development of officers, in which each participant gives a briefing on plans, orders, events, decisions, and individuals.

By definition, the staff ride is to be conducted by the military participants and not by park staff. The following links give in depth information on the proper conduct of a staff ride and will help you prepare.


Staff ride participants can find other useful information on the History & Culture pages.


Park rangers stand ready to help members of the armed forces to learn valuable lessons from the experiences of prisoners of War at Andersonville. Contact us to schedule a staff ride and use the materials above to plan your staff ride experience.

Did You Know?

Historic drawing of a steamboat explosion

The Sultana was a steamboat on the Mississippi River that sunk on April 27, 1865, after its steam boiler exploded. Of the 2,400 passengers on board, an estimated 1,600 were killed. A majority of the passengers, a little over 2,000, were Union soldiers many of whom had survived Andersonville prison and were returning home. Most of these men had survived the horrors of Andersonville only to be lost in what became the greatest maritime disaster in the history of the United States.