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Memorial Day Flag Program

Patch design showing a Civil War headstone with a flag placed in front of it

Memorial Day Service Patch

Each year, hundreds of volunteers contribute to the success of the Memorial Day holiday programs at the Andersonville National Cemetery.

The Memorial Day Flag Program begins Saturday morning and extends through the weekend so that we may properly honor the graves of our veterans. Over the four days of the holiday weekend, we rely on volunteers for assistance in the following tasks:

  1. Placing flags at graves Saturday morning (limited to 300 participants).
  2. Assistance with the annual program on Sunday.
  3. Flag Wardens to straighten flags throughout the cemetery on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.
  4. Pickup of the flags from the National Cemetery on Tuesday morning/mid-day.

Courtesy the park's cooperating association Eastern National, a special patch will be made available to registered participants only, as a measure of our thanks for your assistance.

2014 Flag Program Information:
2014 flag program informational letter
2014 flag program registration

Registration forms are due to the park before April 25, 2014

A group of Girl Scouts place flags on graves in the Andersonville National Cemetery.
A group of Girl Scouts place flags on graves in the Andersonville National Cemetery.
NPS/Joan Stibitz

Did You Know?

Canvas, rubber, and wooden shelters

Shebang was a name given by the prisoners at Andersonville to the crude shelters that they constructed, many of wood and scraps of cloth. Lucky men might have a shelter-half or an extra blanket. Not so lucky ones would use an old shirt to provide relief from the hot summer sun. More...