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Living History Weekend

Visitors interact with Union prisoners of war.

Visitors hear the stories of Union prisoners of war.

NPS/Brad Stribling

The parks holds several Living History Weekends throughout the year. During these events, living historians, re-enactors, and park rangers will help you understand the lives of Union and Confederate soldiers as well as civilians near the end of the Civil War at the actual site of the infamous prison.

Throughout the day, the staff and volunteers at Andersonville National Historic Site will lead you through the events which took place every day within the Andersonville prison (Camp Sumter) as well within the Confederate camps and offices.

The living historians will explain to you the activities and challenges that the soldiers from both sides faced daily:

How did these men endure the many hardships they confronted daily? Were these men any different than the normal soldier in the field? What was the reaction of the young boys and old men assigned to the operation of the overcrowded prison?

Join us to gain a better understanding of the Camp Sumter experience during the Civil War.

Living History weekends are scheduled for:
March 8-9, 2014
October 24-26, 2014
March 14-15, 2015

Did You Know?

A corn plant growing next to a prisoner shelter

A small number of Andersonville prisoners were able to grow crops such as beans and corn. Prisoner diaries and sketches mention this fact and a photograph taken in the summer of 1864 shows corn stalks growing near a shelter. Such an undertaking would require constant guard and demonstrates that prisoners knew they might be captives at Andersonville for quite some time.