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Burial Guidelines and Qualifications

Honor Guard at a funeral
Honor Guard in front of the rostrum during a funeral service.
NPS/Alan Marsh

Burial Arrangements
Arrangements for the interment of an eligible veteran or dependent are made by a funeral director or the next of kin at the time of need by contacting the cemetery. Cemetery staff must verify the veteran's eligibility prior to scheduling the interment. To establish eligibility, cemetery staff must be provided with a copy of the veteran's discharge documents or Form DD-214. Gravesites are assigned at the time of need and no advance reservations are made.

Committal Services
Committal services are held in a large open-air structure (the Rostrum) located on the east side of the cemetery. Graveside services are not conducted. The viewing of remains is not permitted in National Cemeteries, and Cemetery staff will not permit a casket to be opened after the hearse has entered the cemetery. Military honors for veterans will be arranged by the funeral director or the next-of-kin. Cemetery staff can provide assistance with contact information. A United States flag is usually provided by the funeral director or next-of-kin and is not provided by the National Cemetery.

Burial Benefits
Cemetery staff will open and close the grave, and also order and erect the headstone provided by the Department of Veteran's Affairs. For specific information about headstone inscriptions, please contact the Cemetery Administrator. Perpetual care of the gravesite will also be provided. A graveliner is required but is not provided by Andersonville National Cemetery. For information regarding other burial benefits, please contact the Department of Veteran's affairs.

Did You Know?

A corn plant growing next to a prisoner shelter

A small number of Andersonville prisoners were able to grow crops such as beans and corn. Prisoner diaries and sketches mention this fact and a photograph taken in the summer of 1864 shows corn stalks growing near a shelter. Such an undertaking would require constant guard and demonstrates that prisoners knew they might be captives at Andersonville for quite some time.