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Ranger being interviewed
A park ranger being interviewed by a South Korean Public Television camera crew.
NPS/C. Barr

Who do I Contact?
Answers to questions about trip planning or general information about the park can be found in the Plan Your Visit section of the website.

Please see the Contact Us page for any inquiries which are not news media oriented.

For news media related questions, please contact our Public Information Officer, Eric Leonard at:

Andersonville National Historic Site
496 Cemetery Road
Andersonville, GA 31711

Phone: 229 924-0343, ext. 201
Fax: 229 924-1086

E-mail the Public Information Officer

Did You Know?

Exhibit of a Hanoi Hilton cell

A cell from the Hanoi Hilton has been reconstructed in the National Prisoner of War Museum. Notable prisoners held at the Hanoi Hilton during the Vietnam War include US Vice Presidential candidate James Stockdale, Senator and Presidential nominee John McCain, and Brigadier General Robinson Risner.