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Sundial Monument

Stone monument with bronze sundial and plaque

The Sundial monument

NPS/Eric Leonard

The sundial monument was dedicated on Memorial Day 30 May 1911 to commemorate the transfer of the prison park from the Woman's Relief Corps to the United States Army.

The design is of highly polished Barre granite with a bronze tablet on the front side and a bronze sundial on the top surface. On a clear day, one can note that the sundial displays Eastern Standard time with great accuracy.

The monument is located on the prison site about 60 feet south of the North wall and 165 feet east of the West wall.

Did You Know?

Prisoner illustration of the dead wagon

When rations were issued, the wagon would enter through the North Gate in the morning. In the evening, the wagon would then take the deceased prisoners from the South Gate and Hospital to the Dead House and eventually to the cemetery.