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"Victory from Within" Traveling Exhibit

Traveling Exhibit title and cover

Along with its partners, Andersonville National Historic Site is proud to sponsor the "Victory From Within: The American Prisoner of War Experience" traveling exhibition.

After years of development, the traveling exhibit was completed in the fall of 2013. The intent of this exhibit is to introduce the public to the prisoner of war story.

Where is the Traveling Exhibit Now?

  • November 2013 - January 2014: James Earl Carter Library, Georgia Southwestern State University. Americus, GA.
  • February - June 2014: Georgia Southern University Museum. Statesboro, GA.
  • June - December 2014: Frontiers of Flight Museum (Dallas, Texas)

Exhibit Overview
The 1,200 square foot traveling exhibit is based on the thematic organization of the National POW Museum – Capture, Prison Life, Those Who Wait, and Freedom. Hosting facilities will need to meet NPS standards for temperature and humidity control and security to ensure the preservation of artifacts. Receiving institutions will set-up, promote and market the exhibit, bear shipping costs, arrange for a former POW to attend the exhibit opening, host the exhibit for a three to six month period, use NPS-provided educational materials, and record the number of visitors.


Exhibit venue information and scheduling (PDF file; updated April 2014)


Did You Know?

Drawing of Civil War soldiers at the Andersonville prison deadline

The deadline at the Andersonville prison consisted of a rail about four feet off the ground that was situated nineteen feet from the stockade wall. Any prisoner who crossed this line with any part of his body was likely to be shot without warning by a guard in a guard tower.