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New York Monument

A tal granite monument rises in the distance, with an exhibit panel in the foreground.

The New York monument. The exhibit panel shows a photograph from the 1914 monument dedication ceremony.

NPS/Andersonville National Historic Site

Built in 1911 but not dedicated until 1914, the New York monument rises prominently over the southwest quadrant of the cemetery. Reaching a height of twenty-one feet, the monument is constructed of granite with the New York State coat of arms affixed to the front and back. On the front of the monument is a bronze panel featuring dedication text and a female figure bearing a mourning wreath. On the rear is a bronze panel featuring a prison scene. Two prisoners, one old and haggard, the other young and hopeful sit inside the prison, the stockade wall and a guard tower clearly visible. Above them is an angel with an olive branch in her right hand.

For the monument dedication in 1914, the State of New York paid for 222 former prisoners to travel down to Georgia; the average age of these men was 72 1/2 years old. At the dedication service, 2,500 New York flags decorated the graves of the New York dead.

Did You Know?

Prison cell from the Hanoi Hilton, North Vietnam reproduced in the National Prisoner of War Museum

A cell from the Hanoi Hilton (Vietnam War prison) has been re-constructed in the National Prisoner of War Museum. Known also as the Hoa Lo Prison, it was built by the French around 1900 to hold Vietnamese political prisoners. During the Vietnam War, the prison held United States servicemen who faced horrific conditions and torture while imprisoned there.