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Documenting Prisoners of War held at Andersonville

Visitors use the lobby computer to look up an ancestor.

For many visitors, the lobby database computer is the first stop on their journey to understand an ancestor's experience.

NPS/E. Leonard

Andersonville National Historic Site is a principal repository for POW information and historical resources. POW material at Andersonville includes diaries, oral histories, artifacts, and historical documents. As part of our research collection, the park maintains resource file on documented Union POWs held at the Andersonville military prison as well as Confederate guards assigned here.

These files grow largely through the efforts of park staff, volunteers, descendents, and other interested persons researching Civil War prisoners. We are continually seeking new information regarding Civil War prisoners and Confederate staff at Camp Sumter (Andersonville Prison). Specific documents of interest are:

  • Military Service Records (the most critical document)
  • Pension Records
  • Diaries, Memoirs, Letters, etc. (must be copies of originals, not transcripts).
  • Photographs, if available

Veterans' Service Records, including Military Service Records and Pension Records, may be ordered online from the National Archives at www.archives.gov Request forms can also be downloaded online and records ordered via the mail.

We encourage you to request both Military Service Records (NATF 86) and Pension Records (NATF 85). If the file you requested is located, copies will be made for a fee. Please see the National archives website for current pricing information.

When you receive these records, please send copies to the park marked: ATTN—Civil War Records.

The Georgia Archives contain a variety of Confederate records including Pension Applications, Enlistment Oaths, and Discharges. Research hours and additional information for the state archives can be found at www.sos.georgia/archives

The information that you provide will allow us to learn more about those individuals who lived and died at Andersonville. Thank you for your assistance.

Did You Know?

Sack of Cement Cross on exhibit in the National POW Museum

The largest artifact in the National Prisoner of War Museum is the “Sack of Cement Cross” from Camp O’Donnell in the Philippines. The total height of the cross is 8 ft. The cross was built as a memorial to American prisoners who perished in the camp.