• Photo of touchable historic three-dimensional map at the Alaska public lands information Center

    Alaska Public Lands


Curriculum Materials

The Alaska Public Lands Information Centers provide lesson plans and curriculum guides to assist teachers and other community leaders in learning about Alaska's natural, cultural, and historical resources. These materials complement national and local standards in both content and competencies. Most curriculum materials are available as downloadable pdfs; some have web site components.

Each site also houses a library of curriculum authored by the other agencies that partner with the Centers. These materials are available for browsing and loan.


Did You Know?

Did You Know?

The Trans-Alaskan Pipeline is 800 miles long; slightly less than half that length is buried, the remainder is on 78,000 above-ground supports, located 60 feet apart and built in a flexible zigzag pattern. Thermal devices prevent thawing around vertical supports and it has 151 stop-flow valves.