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    Park District of Columbia

Frequently Asked Questions

My family will be visiting and is looking for something to do when museums close. Does the park have roller skates?

Yes, the park has some skates in some sizes. Call the park at (202) 472-3873 for availability.

Where is the best place for birding?

The area along the river is left as unmowed meadow, and there are other established no mow areas to encourage ground nesting birds. Bald eagles and osprey hunt along the Anacostia River.

Does the highway impact the park?

The park maintains buffers along the highway that begin at the park edge to mitigate both noise and run off. No dangers to visitors have been identified from use of the park.

Can I set up my own grill?

Grilling is allowed in designated picnic areas. Look for areas with built in grills and use those if possible. Hot coals are a fire hazard and a water contaminant and should never be dumped in anything other than an air tight noncombustible container. If you use park grills, you can leave the coals in the grill.

For safety reasons, grilling is not allowed within a hundred feet of structures or heavily used recreation areas such as basketball courts. More

Why can't I have balloons at my party in the park.

In the 1980s biologists discovered marine animals were eating balloons and other debris washed from land confusing it with food. As helium filled balloons can travel quite far and are easily washed to the ocean from this region, the National Park Service chose to protect wildlife by banning such balloons. You can use streamers for color, but please remove them after your event. More

Did You Know?

A flattened map of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed

Washington DC is is the middle of the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Trash and balloons from the neighborhood or park go from the streets to the Bay and oceans where it may kill marine life. Do your part to keep litter in its place. More...