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    Park Northern Mariana Islands


There are 18 species of birds as well as numerous insects, lizards, crabs, and snails that may be observed within the park. The Mariana Moorhen and Mariana Nightingale Reed Warbler are federally protected by the Endangered Species Act.

Common Sandpiper Y
Common Sandpiper, Chamorro: Dulili, Carolinian: Ghuliing
Scientific name: Actitis hypoleucos
Yasuhito Taguchi
Eurasian Tree Sparrows Y
Eurasian Tree Sparrows, Chamorro: Ga'ga pale'
Scientific name: Passer montanus
Yasuhito Taguchi
Golden White Eye Y
Golden White Eye, Chamorro: Canario, Carolinian: Ghanooriyo
Scientific name: Cleptornis marchei
Yasuhito Taguchi
Grey Tailed Tattler Y
Grey Tailed Tattler, Chamorro: Dulili, Carolinian:Iilil
Scientific name: Heteroscelus sp.
Yasuhito Taguchi
Kingfishers Y
Collared Kingfishers, Chamorro: Sihek, Carolinian: Waaw
Scientific name: Halcyon chloris
Yasuhito Taguchi
Micronesian Honeyeater Y
Micronesian Honeyeater, Chamorro: Egigi, Carolinian: Lighekkey Yang
Scientific name: Myzomela cardinalis
Yasuhito Taguchi
Micronesian Starling Y
Micronesian Starling, Chamorro: Sali, Carolinian: Mwii
Scientific Name: Aplonis opaca
Yasuhito Taguchi
Pacific Golden Plover Y
Pacific Golden Plover, Chamorro: Dulili, Carolinian: Ghuliing
Scientific name: Pluvialis fulva
Yasuhito Taguchi
Pacific Reef Heron Y
Pacific Reef Heron, Chamorro: Chuchuko', Carolinian: Ghe're'scho'l
Scientific name: Egretta sacra
Yasuhito Taguchi
Red Tailed Tropic Bird Y
Red Tailed Tropic Bird
Scientific name: Phaethon rubricauda
Yasuhito Taguchi
Rufous Fantail Y
Rufous Fantail, Chamorro: Naabak and Chichirika, Carolinian: Liteghi par
Scientific name: Rhipidura rufifrons
Yasuhito Taguchi
Whimbrel Y
Whimbrel, Chamorro: Kalalang, Carolinian: Ghuliing
Scientific name: Numenius phaeopus
Yasuhito Taguchi
White Tailed Tropic Bird Y
White Tailed Tropic Bird, Chamorro: Fagpi-apa'ka, Carolinian: Su'ghu'bwesch
Scientific name: Phaethon lepturus
Yasuhito Taguchi
White Tern in Flight Y
White Tern, Chamorro: Chunge', Carolinian: Geeghi or Ghiyeghi
Scientific name: Gygis alba
Yasuhito Taguchi
White Tern with Chick Y
White Tern with Chick
Yasuhito Taguchi
Crabs E
Common Ghost Crab
Scientific name: Ocypode sp.
Reptile E
Scientific name: Bufo marinus

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