• Photo of Lemon House, Level #6, and Engine House on a beautiful summer day.

    Allegheny Portage Railroad

    National Historic Site Pennsylvania

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  • Road Closure

    Please be aware that part of the public area loop has been closed until further notice as the park starts preparatory efforts for this summer's paving project on the Picnic Area Road.

Water Quality

Water quality monitoring at Blair Gap Run, a high quality mountain stream, is an ongoing process at Allegheny Portage Railroad NHS. A group of local Senior Ranger volunteers test park waters for levels of specific conductance, total alkalinity, nitrates, phosphates, sulfates, and pH on a monthly basis.

While the waters of Blair Gap Run are clean, the Little Conemaugh River at the Staple Bend Tunnel unit of Allegheny Portage Railroad NHS has been polluted by acid mine drainage. Some sources of the mine drainage are located on park property, while others are located on adjacent properties, but flow through the park. However, steps have been made in the direction of treating the polluted waters flowing on the park property.

Did You Know?

Railroad track attached to a 'sleeper'

When the Portage Railroad opened on March 18, 1834, it was a single track line. The rule was when 2 drivers met the one who had passed the center post had the right to go on. The other driver had to back up. Some sat nose to nose until a magistrate determined who got to the center first.