• Photo of Lemon House, Level #6, and Engine House on a beautiful summer day.

    Allegheny Portage Railroad

    National Historic Site Pennsylvania

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  • Road Closure

    Please be aware that part of the public area loop has been closed until further notice as the park starts preparatory efforts for this summer's paving project on the Picnic Area Road.

Nonnative Species

One need not look far to find a non-native plant species within the park. Many of these plants were used as ornamentals or for erosion prevention and bank stabilization. Now they are invading our native woodlands and fields, and in some cases have reached problematic stages.

Efforts are currently underway to maintain control of the most threatening exotic species in areas of the park where the infestations can be managed. The park presently has an integrated pest management program for giant and Japanese knotweed, Japanese barberry, Japanese and exotic bush honeysuckles, multiflora rose and Asiatic bittersweet.

Did You Know?

Blair Gap Run stream in woods

Blair Gap Run is a headwater mountain stream running in and out of Allegheny Portage Railroad National Historic Site. Originating near Cresson, PA, it courses down the Allegheny Front eventually making its way to the Juniata and Susquehanna Rivers and the Chesapeake Bay.