• Alibates Flint Quarries and the Canadian River Breaks

    Alibates Flint Quarries

    National Monument Texas

Places To Stay

Alibates Flint Quarries National Monument is 12 miles from Fritch, 25 miles from Borger, 37 miles from Stinnett, and 35 miles from Amarillo. Alibates Flint Quarries is next to Lake Meredith National Recreation Area.


Lake Meredith National Recreation Area has 12 free campgrounds accessible by vehicle. The closest campsites to Alibates Flint Quarries are at McBride Canyon and Mullinaw Creek, which do not have drinking water or flush toilets. The nearest campgrounds with drinking water and flush toilets are Fritch Fortress, Cedar Canyon, and Sanford-Yake. Call 806-857-3151 for more information about Lake Meredith National Recreation Area.

CAMPGROUNDS (privately owned)

Fritch Area:

  • Robin's Roost RV Park 603 S Vaughn Ave, Fritch (806-857-3760)
  • Mesquite RV Park
  • C.J.'s RV Park and Bait Shop 9605 Fritch Fortress Rd, Fritch (806-857-2586)
  • Blue Creek RV Park Fritch Fortress Rd and Eagle Blvd, Fritch (806-570-7996)
  • Larry's RV Park Hwy 136, Fritch (806-857-3464)
  • Texas RV Park 8224 Hwy 136, Fritch (806-273-6723)


  • Deluxe Inn & RV Park 1528 N Main St, Borger (806-273-6494)
  • Pride Trailer Village 304 W 10th St, Borger (806-273-7571)
  • South Ridge Village (806-273-3753)


  • Dean's R.V. Park (806-878-3189)


  • Lone Star Inn 205 E Broadway, Fritch (806-857-3191)
  • Budget Inn 500 Circle Drive, Borger (806-273-7589)
  • Villa Motel 604 W. 3rd St, Borger (806-274-5366)
  • Heritage Inn 100 Bulldog Ave, Borger (806-273-9556)
  • AmericInn 900 E. 3rd, Borger (800-634-3444)
  • Best Western Cedar St, Borger (806-274-7050)
  • Holiday Inn Express 1351 W Wilson, Borger (806-274-3333)

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