Prized For More Than 13,000 Years

13,000 years ago this site was already well-known by mammoth hunters as a place to get the best stone for their tools. Centuries passed but the colorful flint found right here in the Texas panhandle never lost its value and usefulness. Visit and gain a sense of how integral this site was to the survival, commerce and culture of the High Plains.


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Welcome to Alibates Flint Quarries

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The Visitor Center for Alibates Flint Quarries

The Meeting Place

The contact station boasts clean restrooms, cold drinking water, a film, an exhibit room, comfortable couches and is where all tours originate.

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With rain will come flowers, and with flowers, insects...

Stop and Smell the Flowers

Sand lilies, a late bloomer, grace the park in the late summer. They attract a variety of insects including bees, hummingbird moths and butterflies

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