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    Aleutian World War II

    National Historic Area Alaska


Getting There
The park is located on Amaknak Island in the Aleutian Island chain. The island is located 800 miles west of Anchorage.

The island can be reached by commercial or charter air flights from Anchorage. Commercial flights to Unalaska include Pen Air and Alaska Airlines.

Public Transportation
The Alaska Marine Highway is a ferry service that is operated by the state. To travel to Unalaska, one can catch the ferry in Homer or Kodiak Island. Commercial air flights are available from Anchorage to Kodiak Island. People wanting to go to Unalaska from the Alaskan mainland typically access the ferry system from the Homer ferry terminal. Homer is about 220 miles south of Anchorage, and can be reached by vehicle or by air. Visitors wishing to travel to Homer via vehicle will need to use the Seward and Sterling Highways. To travel by air, please visit Era, Alaska Airlines or Grant Aviation.

Did You Know?

A PBY plane surrounded by crew

A PBY plane piloted by Lt. Jean Cusick was sent from Dutch Harbor, on June 3, 1942, to locate Japanese forces in the Pacific. He was shot down by enemy fighters en route. Five men out of the seven-man crew survived the crash and got into life rafts. Cusick and his enlisted pilot died on the rafts from their wounds. The other three were captured by the Japanese, and became the first prisoners of war in the Aleutian Campaign.