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Private Land and the Alagnak Wild River

Within the boundaries of Alagnak Wild River are many private and Alaska Native corporation lands. Please respect private property during your visit.

When you are on the Alagnak, avoid landing your vessel, entering, and/or recreating on private land. In particular, the confluence of the Alagnak and Nonvianuk rivers is a tempting and inviting place to camp or rest. However, much of the land near the confluence is privately owned.

Download a copy of the Land Status Map for the Alagnak Wild River to help you plan your trip and respect the private property found along the river.
Click on the map to download a copy.

Did You Know?

The Alagnak Wild River drains a 2,237 sq. mile area of southwest Alaska

The Alagnak Wild River is 79 miles (127 kilometers) long, but drains a 2,237 square mile (3,600 square kilometer) area of southwest Alaska!