• Rafters on the Alganak Wild River


    Wild River Alaska

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Alagnak Wild River
1000 Silver Street, Bldg. 603
P.O. Box 245
King Salmon, AK 99613

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King Salmon Visitor Center: (907) 246-4250
Park Headquarters: (907) 246-3305

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Park Headquarters
Located on the King Salmon Air Force Base at 1000 Silver Street, Building 603, across from the Southwest Alaska Vocational & Education Center (SAVEC).
King Salmon Air Force Base, Alagnak Wild River's headquarters are at upper left
This satellite image of the King Salmon Air Force Base shows Alagnak Wild River's headquarters at upper left. Click on the photo to view a larger image.

Did You Know?

When spawning, male sockeye salmon develop a brilliant red color and distinctive hump.

Each summer, the five species of Pacific salmon return to their birthplace in the Alagnak Wild River to spawn and die. As they migrate upstream by the hundreds of thousands, they undergo incredible morphological changes. Male sockeye salmon turn a brilliant red and develop a distinctive humped back.