The Only Successful Double Envelopment in the American Revolution

“…our success was complete…”
  -- Daniel Morgan to Nathanael Greene, January 19, 1781

A pasturing area at the time of the battle, this Revolutionary War site commemorates the place where Daniel Morgan and his army turned the flanks of Banastre Tarleton's British army. This classic military tactic, known as a double envelopment, was one of only a few in history.

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Reenactors firing the 3-pounder

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Officers Conducting a Staff Ride

Staff Ride for Cowpens

By definition, the staff ride is conducted by the military participants themselves. Click the link below for information on leading your walk.

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Ed Bearss discussing the Battle of Cowpens

Guided Battlefield Walk by Ed Bearss

Ed Bearss led a guided battlefield walk for teachers on 8/1/2011. Click the link below to enjoy a virtual Ed Bearss tour.

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