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New Employee Handbook

NPS onboarding is not something you will do the first few days on the job. It's a process that you will begin today and complete in about a year. This handbook is intended to help you understand the entire onboarding process and provide answers to many of the questions new employees ask about personnel and administrative matters.
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New Employee Checklist

As part of the new employee onboarding process, these checklists were created to assist you through the first few days, weeks and months as a new employee with the National Park Service. Using the checklist and accessing the helpful websites in this document will assist you through the entire orientation process.

Once you are on board, you'll have access to, the primary NPS Intranet site, and the Employee Center, a new intranet site for providing resources to NPS employees. Note that until you are granted access (typically during your first week on the job) you may be unable to access some of the sites listed on the checklist.

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Essential Forms

There are many forms that you must complete to ensure your payroll deductions, benefits and retirement selections are processed. Click on the link below to access those forms.
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NPS Acronyms and Common Terms

Employees of the National Park Service use many acronyms and "short-hand" language to communicate with one another. While some abbreviations are commonplace, some are not so straightforward and NPS has some of its own unique language. To help you navigate and understand "NPS speak," we've created the "Acronym Decoder," which includes the acronym or form name along with a short description.
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Resources for Supervisors and Managers

As a supervisor, you play a vital role in the professional success of a new employee. Setting up an employee for success begins before he or she ever walks in the door, and the first few days of employment are critical for establishing expectations, rapport, and workplace norms. Use the following tools to help you fully plan ahead and prepare for your new employees!
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Top 10: Quality Onboarding Tips ››
Meet and Greet Card ››
Building Your Local Orientation Program ››