Kids Helping the Park and Planet

More Fun, and Helping Zion at Home!

Introduction- please read!

We are all connected! Even though you may live a great distance from Zion you are still connected, as you are to all parks (go to and locate Zion on the map).

Many of the birds that spend time in Zion may visit you as they migrate (travel long distances for food and shelter). They may visit your home sometime during the year! For more on Parks and birds,
visit Zion has almost 300 different species (types) of birds that spend all or part of the year in the Park. Click here for to learn more about the Birds of Zion

Our air carries things for long distances like baby spiders, pollutants, and plant seeds.

Amazing Fact! Dust and pollution from China and Africa have traveled across the Oceans to settle on North America! For stories and maps visit

We all produce greenhouse gases which travel around the world and cause global warming. Go to for lots more on climate and warming. Zion is called a climate friendly park because it is trying hard to cut back on things that produce green house gases. You can too!

Water in our rivers and oceans carries many things for long distances. Much of what goes in the earth's rivers will end up in the oceans, especially along the coasts where most of the oceans fish, dolphins, and other life is found.

Amazing Fact! A fish called salmon may travel from Idaho, USA, to China and back again! Can you follow the Virgin River in Zion to see how it finds its way to the ocean? See the map at this website:

Zion is trying hard to keep the Virgin River healthy. You can see how by visiting zion-canyon-visitor-center.htm

So, we are all connected in so many ways!

Activities to Help the Planet and the Parks! (Ask a parent/grandparent, or other responsible adult to help you!).

  1. Choose an outdoor place to visit at least 3 times. Draw or write about what you see- animal tracks, plants, insects, bird nests, where they've been feeding, and so on.
  2. Draw a map of your yard showing where the shrubs, trees, and flowers are found. Try to identify them and find out if they are valuable to wildlife. You can see what native plants grow best near your home by visiting this website Using a different color or pattern, add some other plants where you think they should go. (Select some that are native to your area and good for wildlife. Then show them to your parents and with their permission make plans to put some in your yard.
  3. Plan and plant an organic garden
  4. By visiting the website
    find out how you can save energy in your home, Choose at least 3 things from the list and do them.
  5. By visiting this website, find out how you can save water in garden: Choose 3 things from each list and do them.
  6. Start or expand on a recycling plan for your home. See Zion's website at on recycling at
  7. Build or buy a bird feeder or bird house and put in a good place for birds.

Fun Websites on Helping the Planet and the Parks!

Even more fun ideas at these websites

Last updated: February 24, 2015

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