Civilian Conservation Corps Diary

Civilian Conservation Corps Diary
Civilian Conservation Corps Diary
Belden Lewis recorded his experience of life in the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in a diary from 1934-1935. The diary reveals the daily work routine in Zion as well as offering glimpses into the exciting happenings as a CCC boy. When describing a day of work he says “I’m tired out- legs ache. Been working hard- spread pea gravel on walks, went to Rockville for gravel. Worked hard.” More prominent in the diary are writings about events outside of work. Receiving a letter from home or eating a well prepared, and well portioned, dinner were generally the highlights of his day. Just like visitors today, CCC men explored much of the park and the surrounding areas. The CCC men spent all week completing back breaking labor but still managed to complete great physical exertion on the weekends, “I went on a long hike. First to West Rim, then on the way back Widdison and I went to Angels Landing and signed our name in the autograph book . The hike was at least 25 miles long round trip and we were tired.” The CCC boys worked hard but also had opportunities to enjoy and appreciate the beautiful park they were creating.

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