Rick Braveheart

Rick Braveheart

Artist Biography
Growing up in Western New York, I was constantly surrounded by great examples of Nature; Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, Niagara Falls, old-growth forests and dramatic winters. From these, I learned at a young age an appreciation for Nature’s beauty, deep respect for its power, and an understanding of the importance in caring for the Earth.

My interest in photography began as a teenager, borrowing the family’s camera to photograph in nearby parks and forests on weekends. At 14, I learned to develop film and print black and white photographs from a friend’s father. After college, I worked for several decades as a management consultant, teacher, and authored several books. During those years, I was an active landscape photographer and it constantly remained my primary avocation. On one occasion, when a publisher urgently needed photographs for an upcoming book, I supplied several of my images. The response, first from the publisher and later from the book’s readers encouraged me to begin showing work. Gradually, as my images began appearing in calendars, books, websites and eventually in exhibitions I gradually moved into full-time commercial and fine art photography.

Braveheart PrairieStorm

Artist Statement
As a photographer I have always sought to share, through images, the beauty of the land and its creatures. Over the years, my photography has evolved from simply a skill to a form of meditative practice ― an extension of my being. Early in my photography career, I sought out subjects relying solely on my eyes and 'the rules of photography.' Now, the cameras are guided by my heart and a sacred respect for Nature. Instead of looking for subjects to photograph, I now listen quietly to the land and its creatures. Over time, some begin to speak or move themselves to the forefront of my awareness and reveal their beauty in ways my eyes alone would have never seen. When this occurs, I often discover that the camera has already taken the photograph.

My images capture and describe a single, often timeless moment. Many tell a story about the subject and its relationship to the world around it. When viewed quickly, these landscape and wildlife images present a snapshot into the visual beauty of a moment. But with slow, mindful observation and reflection, the subtle details of the subject, its past and relationship to its surroundings also reveal themselves. The length of a shadow explains the time of day, a blurred leaf exposes a gentle breeze, and a white frost on a leaf conveys the chill of a late autumn morning.

As a Native American (Tuscarora), I am guided by the principles of walking gently upon the Earth and honoring the land, its people and creatures to help maintain harmony in Nature. Where that harmony exists, beauty flourishes. My wish in each photograph I capture is to share the beauty of Nature and of the Earth. The more others can see and appreciate this beauty for themselves, the more they may come to realize the importance of helping to maintain it for future generations.

Residency Dates: February 3 - March 4, 2014
Presentation Date: February 27, 2014 at the Canyon Community Center, Springdale, UT, 7 pm

Last updated: February 24, 2015

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