Lyn Hart

Lyn Hart

Artist Biography
I have been drawing and painting as long as I can remember. My interest in textiles and fibers began in my early twenties while I was living in Florida where, while working as a seamstress in a local sewing factory, I taught myself quilting. My introduction to weaving occurred later when I studied reed basketry with a local artist. After moving to Arizona in 1997, I was introduced to Navajo weaving in a University of Arizona course that examined the origins of man in the Southwest. As a result, I became interested in pursuing contemporary tapestry weaving, at first learning on my own and then through study with master tapestry weavers. I began weaving full-time and exhibiting my work in 2006; in early summer 2007, my home studio was constructed.

Lyn Hart Earth & Sky

Artist Statement
Many of my early tapestries were small format done in a representational style. I have lately begun to weave larger tapestries and have been working on developing a style of abstracted realism to communicate a deeper personal expression. Tapestry is an intriguing medium that captivates viewers; the beauty of the land and expansive vistas of Zion and its terrain mesmerize all who journey here. Both involve the contemplative, deliberate act of being present in the moment and yet require forethought before undertaking the venture.

When I immerse myself in the experience of visiting canyon and riparian environments, I am drawn in completely with all senses; when I weave a tapestry, my response is similar. Both allow me to slow down, to cast off the fast pace in which our culture now exists, to disconnect from distractions and look within while looking outwards with intent and wonder. The unique plants, animals, colors, forms, and traditions of our Southwest lands are a constant source of inspiration. This passion resonates with all who view my tapestries and serves as a reminder of how irreplaceable our desert ecosystems are, for those who know and love them, or reveal their beauty to those who do not. It is crucial for people to see that maintaining vast open spaces in their wild and natural state is important not only simply for their beauty and artistic merit, but also to provide places for everyone to enjoy quiet contemplation and natural interactions, both of which are becoming few and far between in our fast paced digital world.


Residency Dates: September 1 - September 30, 2014
Presentation Date: September 25, 2014 at the Canyon Community Center, Springdale, UT, 7 pm
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