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Every year, park rangers and search and rescue (SAR) personnel respond to approximately 250 emergency incidents in Zion National Park. In an effort to prevent these emergencies, the park will post certain incidents on this blog with the hope that everyone can learn from these experiences.

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Fatality on Moonlight Buttress

May 14, 2016 Posted by: Zion National Park

On the afternoon of March 9, 2016 two climbers on the Moonlight Buttress Route saw an individual fall from above them. The climbers stopped, descended the route and reported the incident to Dispatch.


Misstep While Trail Jogging

April 23, 2016 Posted by: Zion National Park

On Saturday, February 20th a female enjoying a trail jog took a slight misstep that ended in a trip to the regional medical center.


Slip on Scree Slope

April 09, 2016 Posted by: Zion National Park

Rangers on patrol came across a 76 year old female, who had just fallen and possibly broken her hip


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