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3rd grade – Caribou

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Students explore the relationship between caribou and culture through multi-media presentations, games, caribou fur, antlers, hooves and skulls. They learn the delicate balance between population and habitat and the role of predators in herd health. Caribou have been an important resource for Alaskan Natives for many thousands of years and students will have the opportunity to view the ingenious use of antlers, furs and internal organs in the fabrication of clothing and tools in the world-class exhibits of the Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center. Length of program: 45 minutes. 

Teachers may choose from an array of age-appropriate “I Spy” scavenger hunts that guide students' visit to the exhibits. Teachers may also schedule a film to complement their field trip (dependent on theater availability).


Maria Berger


Biology: Animals, Social Studies
caribou, adaptations, arctic, Athabascan, alaska, Native Alaskans, Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center
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