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2nd grade – Birds

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Through stories, simulations, games and props, students explore the many and fascinating adaptations of birds. Hands-on exploration of the special relationship between bird beaks and their food will lead to an appreciation of the many niches that birds fill in an ecosystem. They will learn about the role parks play in conserving land that serves as refuge for birds during migration and nesting.

The world-class exhibits at the Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center enhance the field trip experience with dioramas of boreal forest and tundra landscapes, cultural artifacts and displays of Alaska’s varied natural resources. Teachers may choose from an array of age-appropriate “I Spy” scavenger hunts that guide students' visit to the exhibits. Teachers may also schedule a film to complement their field trip (dependent on theater availability).


Maria Berger


Biology: Animals
alaska, Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center, bird, adaptations, niche
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