Current Projects

Yosemite Village Parking Construction

This project will add 90 paved parking spaces to the Yosemite Village parking, fulfilling a goal of the Merced Wild and Scenic River Comprehensive Management Plan. Other improvements include re-surfacing pre-existing parking areas.

Dates: May 2022 through May 2023

Impact: Up to 50 percent of the existing Yosemite Village parking area (347 spaces; temporary loss of 173) may be closed to the public during project phasing, and the entire lot may be closed to public during paving operations for a maximum of four consecutive working days from Monday through Thursday.

Funding source: Federal Land Transportation Program and Recreation Fees

Valley Welcome Center and New Restroom Construction

This project will convert the former Sport Shop building to the new Valley Welcome Center. The visitor orientation function of the Valley Visitor Center will relocate here upon completion in March 2023.

Dates: Through March 2023

Impact: Staging for this project and the Yosemite Village parking project will result in the temporary loss of 87 parking spaces adjacent to the Village Store.

Funding source: Yosemite Conservancy, Helium Act, Centennial Challenge, Concession Franchise Fees

Glacier Point Road Rehabilitation

During this two-year project, the Glacier Point Road beyond Badger Pass will be fully rehabilitated to replace driving surfaces and to improve roadside parking areas.

Dates: Spring 2022 through fall 2023

Impact: The Glacier Point Road will be closed for all of 2022 (except the road to Badger Pass will be open when the Badger Pass Ski Area is open in winter). In summer 2023, the road will be open with delays.

Funding source: Great American Outdoors Act and Federal Land Transportation Program

Yosemite Valley Traffic Pilot

This pilot, a continuation of the 2021 and 2022 pilots, will test changes to roads and intersections in Yosemite Valley under increased numbers of visitor vehicles and a return of the shuttle buses in Yosemite Valley. This pilot will transition to permanent changes in summer 2023.

Dates: Mid-May 2023, to transition to permanent circulation pattern summer 2023

Impacts: One-way traffic circulation pattern will be continuous on both Southside Drive and Northside Drive, resulting ideally in reduced congestion. Two-way traffic will remain through Curry Village and the Happy Isles Loop.

Funding source: Federal Lands Transportation Program

Yosemite Valley Shuttle Bus Stops

This project will improve shuttle stops, including passenger waiting and access surfaces, shelters, curbing, and concrete braking pad improvements to shuttle bus stops 2 (Village Store/Welcome Center), 4 (Degnan’s), 5 (Valley Visitor Center/Museum), 14 and 20 (Curry Village parking), 15 (Trailhead Parking/Upper Pines Campground), and 19 (Lower Pines Campground).

Dates: Late summer 2022 through spring 2023

Impacts: Lane closures with one-way traffic control in Yosemite Village, Curry Village, and on the Happy Isles Road

Funding source: Federal Lands Transportation Program

Bridalveil Fall Rehabilitation

This project will improve visitor services, protect natural and cultural resources, reduce crowding, improve safety and congestion in and around the parking lot, improve interpretation and wayfinding, and improve accessibility for visitors with disabilities.

Dates: Through summer 2023

Impact: The parking lot, trail, and viewing area are closed. Bridalveil Fall is still viewable nearby from Southside Drive.

Funding source: Yosemite Conservancy, Federal Land Transportation Program, Helium Act, Centennial Challenge, and Concession Franchise Fees

Tuolumne Meadows Campground Rehabilitation

This project will fully rehabilitate the campground, including replacement of water lines, upgrading of restrooms, improving accessibility for visitors with disabilities, reorganize campsites, address drainage issues, and replace picnic tables and fire rings. This project fulfills a goal of the Tuolumne Wild and Scenic River Comprehensive Management Plan..

Dates: Through fall 2023

Impacts: The campground is closed in 2022 and 2023.

Funding source: Great America Outdoors Act

Crane Flat Campground Rehabilitation

This project will rehabilitate the campground, addresses drainage issues, and improves campsite configuration.

Dates: Through fall 2022

Impacts: The campground is closed in 2022.

Funding source: Great America Outdoors Act

Biomass Removal and Scenic Vista Management

The biomass project will focus on removing mostly dead and down logs and branches to improve forest health and reduce fire danger. Scenic Vista management program reestablishes Yosemite’s important viewpoints and vistas, consistent with the natural processes and human influences that created them.

Dates: Ongoing

Impacts: Occasional traffic delays

Funding source: California Climate Investments, Wildlife Conservation Board, Recreation Fees

Map showing various projects around Yosemite National Park, as described on this web page

Last updated: March 7, 2023

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