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  1. Find the trailhead you wish to start from.
  2. Find the date you wish to start on. If the date you wish to start is listed, the trailhead is full for that day; if the date is missing, the trailhead is available for at least one person.

My date and trailhead show as available on this report, so why was my permit reservation request denied?

  1. This report does not reflect live numbers, so the trailhead may have filled after the last update. Please note the date and time of updates at the top right of the data.
  2. There may be space available but not enough for your entire group. For example, if you are a group of two and there is space for one person on that date, then your request will be denied.

If you're planning to hike the John Muir Trail, please view the the Donohue Pass availability chart

Report Date: 12/5/2019
Happy Isles->Illilouette
May 2
Mirror Lake->Snow Creek
May 18
Pohono Trail (Wawona Tunnel/Bridalveil Parking)
May 9
Yosemite Falls
May 18

Donohue Exit Quota and Trailhead Space Available

Donohue Full Trailheads Report will be posted during the John Miur Trail lottery season.

Last updated: December 5, 2019

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