How will COVID-19 affect my visit?

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Entrance Reservations

Reservations are not required to visit Yosemite National Park. As always, we strongly recommend that you make a reservation if you plan to stay overnight in Yosemite. The park entrance fee is $35 per car (valid for seven consecutive days).


View current campground status.

Why are some campgrounds closed?

Some campgrounds are closed due to lack of staffing. Shared housing for seasonal employees in Yosemite is significantly lower than usual this year in order to keep employees safe. Employees are necessary in each campground to ensure compliance with campground regulations, clean restrooms in accordance with new CDC guidelines, and remove trash and recycling for human and wildlife protection.

Additionally, most campgrounds are closed in the winter. Tuolumne Meadows, Crane Flat, and Bridalveil Creek Campgrounds will not open in 2022 due to rehabilitation projects.

Can I sleep in my vehicle in Yosemite?

Sleeping in a vehicle is only allowed in a campsite (except in Camp 4) registered to you or another member of your group. Sleeping in a vehicle in a parking lot or along the side of a road is prohibited.

Hiking, Backpacking, and Rock Climbing

Are any trails closed or modified?

See our conditions page for any trail closures.

Is backpacking allowed?

Yes, with a wilderness permit. All wilderness regulations and quotas are still in effect. Wilderness permits are available on a first-come, first-served, self-registration basis.

You must have a bear canister for food storage. Bear canisters are available for rent at the Valley Wilderness Center or you can bring your own allowed container. Rented bear canisters are sanitized between uses.

How can I do an overnight big wall climb?

A wilderness climbing permit for overnight big wall climbing is required.

Yosemite Destinations

Are any areas of the park closed?

The park is generally open, except as listed below and for normal winter road closures. However, due to public health and safety concerns, some facilities are closed.

Open with modifications:

  • Hetch Hetchy Road is only open from 8 am to 5 pm and only when the parking isn't full.


  • Lower Yosemite Fall boulders (the area between the footbridge/viewing area and the waterfall)
  • Bridalveil Fall area (this area is closed due to scheduled maintenance work)
  • Crane Flat Helibase

View all current closure information.

Other Services and Facilities

Additional information about Yosemite Hospitality services is available on their website.

Are restrooms, showers, or a laundry available?

Public restrooms are available throughout the park. Restrooms are being cleaned multiple times per day, which results in restrooms being closed at times.

Showers are not available except for overnight guests of Curry Village and Housekeeping Camp. The laundry at Housekeeping Camp is closed; there are no public laundry facilities available.

Is public transportation or bus tours available?

Shuttle service is available in Yosemite Valley with a modified schedule and route.

Yosemite Hospitality is not operating any bus tours. This includes the Valley Floor Tour, Glacier Point Tour, Grand Tour, and Tuolumne Meadows Tour and Hikers Bus.

YARTS is operating its regional transit system (reservations are strongly recommended). Visit for more information.

Why are some shuttles and tours not available?

Some shuttles and tours are not operating or are modified due to lack of staffing. Shared housing for seasonal employees in Yosemite is significantly lower than usual this year in order to keep employees safe.

How do I visit the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias without a shuttle?

Parking is available (until full) at the Mariposa Grove Welcome Plaza. Access to Mariposa Grove is via a minimum four-mile round-trip hike with 500 feet of elevation changeon the Washburn Trail or the Mariposa Grove Road. Several miles of trails are available in the grove from that point.

Please bring water to keep everyone in your group hydrated (there is no drinking water available in the Mariposa Grove). The Mariposa Grove Welcome Plaza (near South Entrance) has flush toilets and drinking water. The Mariposa Grove Arrival Area has portable toilets and no drinking water.

You may also bicycle on the paved portion of Mariposa Grove Road to the Mariposa Grove Arrival Area (but not to the Grizzly Giant). Bicycles are not allowed on trails, unpaved roads, sidewalks, or boardwalks.

If you have a disability, or are traveling in the same vehicle as a person with a disability, and the vehicle has a disability placard or license plate, you may drive on the Mariposa Grove Road as far as the arrival area (not to the Grizzly Giant) through November 30.

Public Health Information

What should I do if I feel sick or think I am infected with or have been exposed to COVID-19?

First, if you feel sick or may have been exposed to COVID-19 prior to arriving at Yosemite, please stay home and call your medical provider. If you are traveling and not near home, stay where you are and call your medical provider.

If you are in the park and feel sick or are concerned you were exposed to COVID-19, you are welcome to call the Yosemite Medical Clinic at 209/372-4637. Please call before visiting the clinic as appointment availability and clinic hours can vary. Other sources of medical care are available in Mariposa, Oakhurst and other neighboring communities. If it is an emergency, please call 911.

Last updated: December 17, 2021

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