Science Forum 2


On Friday, May 13, the National Park Service hosted a science forum to provide the results of several research projects commissioned by the Merced River Plan. These studies were intended expand the park’s existing knowledge of the Merced River's water quality, its free-flowing condition, and its Outstandingly Remarkable Values (those values that merit the river's designation as wild and scenic, pursuant to the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act).

Date: May 13, 2011
Time: 9am - 2pm (1-hour lunch break)
Location: Yosemite Lodge, Garden Terrace

Agenda [134 kb PDF]

Presentations given at the workshop:

  1. Presentation 1: [4.7 MB PDF] Status Update: Comprehensive Geologic Hazard and Risk Assessment
  2. Presentation 2: [2.7 MB PDF] Water Supply Impacts Assessments for Yosemite Valley and Wawona
  3. Presentation 3: [3.5 MB PDF] Yosemite Valley Merced River Condition Assessments
  4. Presentation 4: [5 MB PDF] A Preliminary Assessment of Meadow Conditions in the Merced River Corridor
  5. Presentation 5: [3.9 MB PDF] Special Status Plant Species in the Merced River Corridor
  6. Presentation 6: [2 MB PDF] Wildlife Special Status Species
  7. Presentation 7: [10 MB PDF] Historic Resource Survey for El Portal
  8. Presentation 8: [4 MB PDF] Baseline Data Collection in the Three Archeological Districts of the Merced River Corridor
  9. Presentation 9 & 10: [59.5 MB PDF] Integrating Transportaion and Visitor Use Researchand Modeling Transportation and Visitor Use Components (large file due to embedded simulation models)

Watch a recording of the webinar of the Science Forum.

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