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Previously completed Merced River Plans

The National Park Service prepared the initial Merced Wild and Scenic River Plan (MRP) in August 2000. After multiple lawsuits and litigations on March 27, 2008, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit issued an opinion expanding the scope of what the NPS had previously understoond must be included in a legally valid Merced Wild and Scenic River Comprehensive Management Plan.


Merced Wild and Scenic River Revised Comprehensive Management Plan and Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement
(broken into sections below)

Coverletter from Superintendent [92 kb PDF]
Abstract [38 kb PDF]

PART 1-Title Page [384 kb PDF]
How Document Changed [52 kb PDF]
Table of Contents [60 kb PDF]
Executive Summary [701 kb PDF]
Chapter I-Purpose and Need [1.4 MB PDF]
Chapter II-User Capacity Management Program [1.6 MB PDF]
Chapter III-Alternatives [6.4 MB PDF]
Chapter IV-Affected Environment [1.1 MB PDF]

PART 2-Title Page [384 kb PDF]
Chapter V-Environmental Consequences [2.3 MB PDF]
Chapter VI-Consultation [90 kb PDF]
Chapter VII-List of Preparers [49 kb PDF]
Chapter VIII-Glossary [147 kb PDF]
Chapter IX-Bibliography [191 kb PDF]
Appendix A-Governing Mandates [88 kb PDF]
Appendix B-Mitigation Measures [63 kb PDF]
Appendix C-Assumptions [104 kb PDF]
Appendix D-Special Status Species [183 kb PDF]
Appendix E-Cumulative Actions [146 kb PDF]
Appendix F-Responses to Public [1.1 MB PDF]

2005 Record of Decision [413 kb PDF]

For a CD of the 2000 or 2005 plans, contact us.

Additional Document Archive: View current public documents related to the January 2013 Merced Wild and Scenic River Draft Comprehensive Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement. Find 2011 and older documents on a separate webpage.

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