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The following is a list of subject categories located in the Reserve Aisle of the Yosemite Research Library (YRL). These can be accessed by making an appointment, visiting the library and receiving assistance from the library staff. This unique section of the collection includes ephemera from the 1800's to present. Please email the librarian for additional information or assistance with this segment of the collection.

Y-1 Yosemite – Description
Y-1a Yosemite – Description
Y-1b Yosemite – Description
Y-1c Yosemite – Description
Y-2 Yosemite – Personal Accounts
Y-2a Yosemite – Personal Accounts
Y-3 Yosemite – Master Plan
Y-4 Yosemite – History
Y-4a Yosemite – History
Y-4b Yosemite – History
Y-4c Yosemite – History
Y-5a “Letters Sent” (Guardian’s Office & Guardian’s Reports)
Y-6 Yosemite – Discovery
Y-7 Yosemite – Legislation
Y-8 Yosemite – Trails
Y-9 California State Publications
Y-10 Yosemite – Army Administration
Y-11 Reports of Superintendents
Y-11a Reports of Superintendents (1972-1977,1980-1998)
Y-11b Reports of Superintendents (1999-2003)
Y-12 Yosemite – Management (administration/budget)
Y-13 Yosemite – Use & Development
Y-13a Yosemite – Plans & Policies
Y-13b Yosemite – Plans & Policies
Y-14 Yosemite – Hetch Hetchy
Y-14a Yosemite – Hetch Hetchy (journal articles)
Y-14b Yosemite – Hetch Hetchy (Raker Act)
Y-15 Yosemite – Buildings
Y-16 Yosemite – Concessions
Y-16a Yosemite – Concessions
Y-16b Yosemite – Concessions
Y-16c Yosemite – Concessions
Y-17 Yosemite – Transportation (Stagecoaches)
Y-17a Yosemite – Transportation (Motor Vehicles)
Y-17b Yosemite – Transportation (Railroads)
Y-17c Yosemite – Transportation (General)
Y-18 Yosemite – Communications (post office/mail/telephone/telegraph)
Y-19 Yosemite – Bridges
Y-20 Yosemite – Roads
Y-20a Big Oak Flat Road
Y-20b Coulterville Road
Y-20c All Year Highway (Hwy 140)
Y-20d Wawona Road
Y-20e Yosemite – Tioga Road
Y-20f Yosemite – Tioga Road
Y-21 Yosemite – Place Names
Y-21a Yosemite – Place Names
Y-22 Firefall
Y-23 Yosemite Natural History Assoc. (YNHA now Yosemite Assoc)
Y-24 Yosemite – Religious Activities
Y-25 Yosemite – Special Events
Y-26 Yosemite – Schools
Y-27 Yosemite – Armed Forces
Y-28 Yosemite – Art & Photography
Y-28a Yosemite – Art & Photography Catalogs, Box 1
Y-28a Yosemite – Art & Photography Catalogs, Box 2
Y-28b Yosemite – Art & Photography, Yosemite Renaissance
Y-28c Yosemite – Art & Photography Exhibits
Y-29 Yosemite – Skits/Plays/TV Programs, Etc.
Y-30 Yosemite – Centennial – 1851-1951
Y-30a Yosemite – Centennial – 1864-1964
Y-31 Yosemite – Floods
Y-32 Yosemite – Accidents and Rescues
Y-33 Yosemite – Law Enforcement
Y-34 Yosemite – Research Reserves
Y-35 Yosemite – Big Trees
Y-35a Yosemite – Big Trees
Y-35b Yosemite – Big Trees
Y-36 Yosemite – Cabins
Y-36a Yosemite – Cabins
Y-37 Yosemite – Boundaries
Y-38 Yosemite – Private Lands
Y-39 Yosemite – Geology
Y-40 Yosemite – Visitors
Y-40a Yosemite – Visitors
Y-40b Yosemite – Visitors (John F. Kennedy
Y-40c Yosemite – Visitors (Queen Elizabeth II)
Y-40d Yosemite – Visitors (Queen Elizabeth II)
Y-41 Yosemite – Fires
Y-42 Yosemite – Logging Operations
Y-43 Yosemite – High Sierra Camps
Y-44 Yosemite – Winter Sports
Y-45 Yosemite – Naturalists Activities (Interpretation)
Y-46 Yosemite – Visitor Use
Y-47 Yosemite – Rivers and Lakes
Y-48 Yosemite – Flora and Fauna
Y-49 Yosemite – Wilderness
Y-49a Yosemite – Wilderness
Y-50 Yosemite – Landscaping
Y-51 Yosemite – Museum
Y-52 Yosemite – Archeology
Y-53 Yosemite – Visitor Statistics

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