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Last Updated: October 29, 2019

This Backcountry Situation report provides the most up-to-date conditions for Yellowstone’s Backcountry. Conditions are listed by area, then trail. Before heading out on the trail, make sure to review information about traveling safely in bear country, and familiarize yourself with our bear management areas. Depending on other activities you intend to pursue in the backcountry please reference our fishing, boating, and horse use regulations.

General Information

Backcountry Permits

Permits are required for all overnight stays in the backcountry. Permits for backpacking and stock trips can be acquired at any backcountry office. Backcountry permits for boat trips are only available at Bridge Bay, Grant Village, and the South Entrance backcountry offices.

Office Hours:

All backcountry offices are closed for the season. Some offices can issue permits for visitors on an on-call basis see schedule below. Please make sure to make arrangements in advance of any upcoming trips. You can call the Central Backcountry Office Monday- Friday 7:30 am to 5:00pm to arrange picking up your backcountry permit.

Albright Visitor Center (Mammoth Backcountry office): On Call

Bridge Bay Ranger Station: Closed for permits. AIS inspections available. Please call (406) 581-9040 to arrange an AIS inspection prior to arriving at the park, as you may not have cell phone reception on location. If you are needing to pick up a backcountry permit, please visit another backcountry office.

Canyon Visitor Education Center (Backcountry office): Closed.

Grant Visitor Center (Backcountry office): Closed. Boat permits and AIS inspections available. Please call (406) 581-9040 to arrange an AIS inspection prior to arriving at the park, as you may not have cell phone reception on location.

Old Faithful Ranger Station: On Call only

Snake River Ranger Station: Open 8:00 - 4:00. Boat permits and AIS inspections available. (Closed most days for lunch from 12:00 -1:00). October 27th - November 4th: On Call Only, fishing permits available at entrance station.

Please call (406) 581-9040 to arrange an AIS inspection prior to arriving at the park, as you may not have cell phone reception on location.

Tower Ranger Station: Closed.
West Yellowstone Visitor Information Center: On Call for Gallatin area permits only.

Fall Travel Conditions

As we transition into the fall season expect trails to be a combinations of wet/ muddy / snowy. See Snow Maps.


Before deciding to have a campfire, check that your campsite allows for fires, and consider the current weather conditions. If you cannot locate the fire ring in your campsite due to snow, then a fire wouldn't be permitted. Campfires are only allowed in the designated fire ring.Currently there are no fire restriction in place.

Currently there are no area, or trail closures due to wildfires. All fires have been declared out (10/02/19)

Fishing Season

The general fishing season is open until 8:00 am November 4th. Check the fishing regulations for details.

Boating Season

Boating season is open. Boating season closes 8:00 am November 4th.

Boat inspections only available at Grant Backcountry Office, and the South Entrance. Yellowstone National Park Boat permits are available for purchase at the Grant, and South Entrance Backcountry Offices following inspections. Please call (406) 581-9040 to arrange an AIS inspection prior to arriving at the park, as you may not have cell phone reception on location.

Prepare for the upcoming boat trips by Cleaning, Draining and Drying your boats now. New for 2019: Boats with sealed internal ballasts tanks are no longer permitted.

Motorized boats are permitted only on Lewis Lake and Yellowstone Lake. Non-motorized are permitted on all park lakes except Sylvan Lake, Eleanor Lake, Twin Lakes, and Beach Springs Lagoon. Additionally, Swan Lake is currently closed to boating. All park streams are closed to boating with the exception of the Lewis River between Shoshone Lake and Lewis Lake.

Horse Use

Horse use requires either an overnight or day ride permit. Most trails are currently open for overnight horse use. Check individual trails descriptions below (further in the document) as to whether they are open to day use. Make sure to review our horseback riding page and to get a day ride permit.

Food Storage Reminder

Do not leave food unattended at any time. All food, trash, and odorous items must be properly stored (hung 10 feet above ground and 4 feet from side supports or kept in one of the installed metal bear proof boxes, or an approved bear resistant food container) whenever the items are not in immediate use. Day hikers should keep their packs with them at all times. In past years, there have been several instances of bears obtaining food from unattended packs. Backpackers should hang their food immediately upon entering their campsite – before setting up camp.

Food Caches are not allowed in the backcountry. Hanging food overnight in an unoccupied campsite or elsewhere is not permitted – this is considered unattended food. Yellowstone allows only the use of certain bear resistant food containers.

Current Campsites Requiring Bear Resistant Food Containers

The following Backcountry Campsites listed below are open but require bear resistant food containers due to down foodpoles: 9A6

Bear Management Area

In order to reduce human related impacts on bears in high density grizzly bear habitat the park has established several bear management areas. Listed below are the current Bear Management Areas (BMAs) in effect. Some Bear Management Areas are full closures, others are no off trail travel restrictions. Please reference the Bear Management page for further details and locations of closure area .

  • Richards Pond (BMA B) Several restrictions in place. See Bear Management Area pages.
  • Gallatin (BMA D) No off-trail travel through November 10.
  • Washburn (BMA F) Open only by special permit (through July 31)
  • Antelope (BMA G) Closed through November 10.
  • Mirror Plateau (BMA H) Day use only May 15 through November 12.
  • Pelican Valley (BMA I) Open for Day Use only from 9 am until 7 pm.

Backcountry Map

Click on a region of the map for current backcountry conditions in that area.

Map of Yellowstone showing different areas. These areas include Northwest, Northeast, Central, Southeast, Southwest, Old Faithful & Canyon.
Yellowstone Backcountry Map: click a region to jump to conditions for that area.

Northwest Region

Sepulcher/Beaver Ponds/Snow Pass area (1N4, 1K1, 1K2)

  • Beaver Ponds Trail is a common area for bears. Make sure to make noise, be bear aware, and carry bear spray. (9/23/19)
  • Sepulcher trail has been cleared. (7/01/19)
  • Clagett Butte has been cleared. (7/2/19)
  • Beaver Ponds trail is in good condition. (7/2/19)
  • Visitors should familiarize themselves with the no off trail travel restrictions of the Gallatin Bear Management Area

Glen Creek Trailhead – Fawn Pass & Electric Pass (1K3)

  • Electric Peak trail is clear and in good condition. Open to stock use. (7/24/19)
  • Sportsman Lake Trail from the Glen Creek trailhead has been cleared to the Gardner River. (7/01/19)
  • Due to construction there is a trail detour at the Glen Creek trailhead. The trail detour for hikers starts across the road from the Bunsen Peak Parking lot. Follow the signs.
  • Visitors should familiarize themselves with the no off trail travel restrictions of the Gallatin Bear Management Area.
  • Swan Lake is closed to all watercraft. (8/5/2019)
  • Horse Use: Glen Creek, Fawn Pass Trail and Electric Pass Trail are all open to stock use. (7/24/19)

Bunsen Peak/Osprey Falls (1K4) (closed to stock use)

  • Bunsen Peak and Osprey Falls trails have been cleared. (7/2/19)
  • Stock use: Not suitable for stock.

Bighorn Pass trail (Indian Creek, 1K5)

  • Bighorn Pass trail open. Do not park and block the barricade to the campground to access the Indian Creek Trailheaad (1K5) as maintenance vehicles will still need full access to the campground. (9/09/19)
  • Visitors should familiarize themselves with the no off trail travel restrictions of the Gallatin Bear Management Area.
  • Horse Use: Bighorn pass is open to stock use.(8/28/29)

Mount Holmes area (1K6, 1K8)

  • Campsites 1C1, 1C2, 1C4 and 1C5 are open and can be only accessed by parking at Bighorn Trailhead (1K5) at Indian Creek Campground and hiking down to Mount Holmes Trailhead (1K6). (8/25/19)
  • Campsites (1C1 and 1C2) are located on Straight Creek downstream of Grizzly Lake. (7/29/19)
  • Trilobite Lake trail is open.
  • Winter Creek trail has been cleared. (7/01/19)
  • The Mt. Holmes fire lookout tower foundation is unsafe and not open to the public. Exercise caution when on the peak. (8/28/19)
  • Grizzly Lake and Mt Holmes Trailheads are closed due to road construction. See road construction page.
  • Horse Use: Mount Holmes and Grizzly Lake Trails are closed to stock use. (7/15/19)

Purple Mountain

  • Open.

Monument Trail

  • Monument trail open.
  • Stock use: Not suitable for stock

Trailheads along Hwy 191 (from north to south)

Daly Creek/Black Butte/Sky Rim Trail/Shelf Lake (WK1, WK2)

  • Black Butte Trail (WK2) open(8/28/19)
  • Daly Creek trail is clear of trees to Sky Rim trail and in generally good condition. (8/6/19)
  • Horse Use: Daly Creek, Sky Rim,Black Butte and Shelf Lake open to stock. (8/19/19)

Specimen Creek/High Lake/Crescent Lake/Sportsman Lake (WK3)

  • Crescent Lake to High Lake Trail is clear of down trees.(8/6/19)
  • Specimen Creek has been cleared .(8/28/19)
  • Sportsman Lake Trail is cleared of downed trees.(8/6/19)
  • Horse Use: Open to stock (8/6/19)

Bacon Rind (WK4)

  • Bacon Rind trail (WK4) is open (7/2/19)
  • Visitors should be cautious of the following hazards when entering areas recently affected by Forest Fire: Unstable, dead trees (trees may fall unexpectedly, especially in windy conditions. Loose rocks and logs (watch for rolling debris.) (7/2/19)
  • Horse Use: Bacon Rind is open to stock use. (7/29/19)

Fawn Pass/Fan Creek (WK5)

  • Fan Creek trail open (10/15/19)
  • Visitors should familiarize themselves with the no off trail travel restrictions of the Gallatin Bear Management Area
  • Horse Use: Open to stock (8/6/19)

Bighorn Pass (Hwy 191 - WK6)

  • Visitors should familiarize themselves with the no off trail travel restrictions of the Gallatin Bear Management Area.
  • Horse Use: Big Horn Pass and Fan Creek trails are open. (8/6/19)

Gneiss Creek/Cougar Creek (WK7/WK8)

  • Gneiss creek trail is "primitive" in nature and contains areas where there is no trail tread and limited trail markers.
  • Horse Use: Open to stock.

Harlequin Lake Trail

  • Harlequin Lake trail open.
  • Horse Use: not suitable for stock.

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Northeast Region

Blacktail Deer Creek Trail/Yellowstone River Trail/Black Canyon (1N5)

  • Yellowstone River Trail, and Blacktail Deer Creek open. (7/29/19)
  • This area is home to mountain lions. Hike in groups whenever possible, and carry bear spray. If you encounter a mountain lion, stay calm, do not turn your back on lion. Stand your ground,and speak in firm voice.
  • Horse Use: Blacktail Deer Creek trail, Yellowstone River trail and Hellroaring open. (7/29/19) .

Wraith Falls

  • Horse Use: not suitable for stock

Lava Creek Trail/Rescue Creek Trail (1N2, 1N3, 1N6)

  • Rescue Creek Trail is open.(7/10/19)
  • Lava Creek Trail is open.
  • There is a permanent wildlife protection closure on McMinn Bench.
  • Horse use: Rescue Creek and Lava Creek are open. There is no stock allowed on the bridge near the Gardiner end of the trail (trailhead 1N3). Stock users need to start and end at the Lava Creek trailhead from the East (1N6). (7/01/19)

Lost Lake Loop

  • Lost Lake trail open and clear(8/5/19)

Hellroaring Creek/Coyote Creek/Buffalo Plateau (2K8, 2N1, 2N5, 2N2)

  • Hellroaring Creek Trailhead is open . (7/29/19)
  • Hellroaring Creek is crossable. (7/29/19)
  • Conditions on Bull Mountain Loop good. (7/29/19)
  • Horse use: Hellroaring Creek,and Coyote Creek, Buffalo Plateau trails are open (7/29/19)

Buffalo Fork (2N3)

  • Buffalo Fork Trail is open.
  • Horse Use: Open to stock. Please note Soldier's trail on the west side of Slough Creek is not cleared of downfall. Riders riding Slough should ride up the main trail / wagon road.(7/29/19)

Garnet Hill (2K2)

  • Garnet Hill trail is open.
  • Horse Use: Open (7/29/19)

Tower Fall Trail

  • Unmaintained- use extreme caution.
  • Stock Use: Not suitable for stock.

Slough Creek (2K5, 2N4)

  • Slough Creek trail is open.
  • Horse Use: Slough Creek is open. (7/23/19)

Pebble Creek (3K2, 3K4)

  • Pebble Creek trail is open and has been cleared. (7/29/19)
  • Horse Use: Pebble Creek is open. (7/01/19)

Bliss Pass (between Slough Creek and Pebble Creek)

  • Bliss Pass has been cleared and is open.(8/5/19)
  • Horse Use: Bliss Pass is open. (7/24/19)

Trout Lake

  • Trout Lake is open. (5/28/19)
  • Horse Use: not suitable for stock

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Central Region

Specimen Ridge/Agate Creek/Yellowstone Picnic Area trailhead (2K4, 2K7)

  • Specimen Ridge Trail open. (8/5/19)
  • Yellowstone Picnic Area trail is open. (7/2/19)
  • Agate Creek campsite 2Y1 is open. (8/5/19)
  • Stock use: Specimen Ridge Trail open to stock. (8/5/19)

Lamar River Trail - Soda Butte to Mist Creek Pass (3K1)

  • The following campsites have been closed due to carcasses nearby and heavy predator activity: 3F1, 3F2, 3U1, 3U2, 3U3 and 3U4.Frost Lake trail is closed. Use extreme caution if hiking through Pelican Valley, and the upper Lamar River trail, - Hike in groups, carry bear spray and make noise when hiking. (10/04/19)
  • Lamar River Trail to Cache Creek has been cleared. (8/5/19)
  • Horse Use: Lamar River Trail, and Cache Creek is open. (8/5/19)

Cache Creek/Thunderer (3K1, 3K3)

  • Cache Creek has been cleared. (8/5/19)
  • Republic Pass open.(8/5/19)
  • (3K3) Thunderer Pass has been cleared of fallen trees. Open to all travel. (8/04/19)
  • Horse Use: Cache Creek is open to stock. (8/5/19)

Miller Creek

  • Miller Creek trail is clear. (8/5/19)
  • Horse Use: Miller Creek,Canoe Lake, Bootjack Gap and Hoodoo Basin Trails are open to stock use. (8/28/19)

Frost Lake

  • Frost Lake open.
  • Horse Use: Frost Trail open to stock use. (8/28/19)

Avalanche Peak (not suitable for stock)

  • Open and in good condition. (8/25/19)
  • Possible driving delays to get to the trailhead due to construction. Check the park road update page.(5/28/19)
  • Horse Use: This trail is not suitable for stock.

Wapiti Lake trail/ Wrangler Lake/ Broad Creek/ Howard Eaton trail (4K7, 4N2, 4K8,5K2)

  • The Howard Eaton Trail is open from the Wapiti Lake Trailhead (4K7) south to the Sour Creek Junction. (9/02/19)
  • Sublime Point and the Ribbon Lake trail has been cleared of downed trees. (8/11/19)
  • Wapiti Lake trailhead to Clear Lake is cleared of down trees.(7/5/19)
  • Wrangler Lake trail is cleared of downed trees and wet in parts. (6/22/19)
  • Horse Use: Wapiti Lake, Fern Lake, Broad Creek, Astringent Creek, Upper Pelican Trails and Cold Creek have been cleared and are open to stock use. (7/15/19)

Pelican Valley/Turbid Lake (5K3)

  • The following campsites east of Mist Creek have been closed due to carcasses nearby and heavy predator activity: 3F1, 3F2, 3U1, 3U2, 3U3 and 3U4. Use extreme caution if hiking within these areas - Hike in groups, carry bear spray and make noise when hiking. (10/03/19)
  • Turbid lake Trail has been cleared and open to Stock Use. (7/15/19)
  • Expect intermittent construction traffic around the trailhead parking area. During rainy/stormy weather the trailhead entrance road could get soft and become difficult for larger vehicles. If road conditions are bad the pullout directly south of the old Pelican Valley Trailhead entrance road is available for additional/alternative parking. (7/4/19)
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Canyon Region

South Rim and North Rim

  • Some destinations (including the North Rim Trail) are inaccessible because of the Canyon Overlooks and Trails Restoration Project. (7/2/19)
  • South Rim Trail is closed from Sunset Point to Chittenden Bridge (7/29/19)
  • Sublime Point and the Ribbon Lake Trail has been cleared of downed trees. Campsites 4R2 and 4R1 are in good condition.(7/29/19)
  • Uncle Tom's trail is temporarily closed. Do not pass trail closure signs or flagging. The overlooks near Uncle Tom's parking lot are open. (7/29/19)
  • Horse Use: not suitable for stock.

Mount Washburn (4K9, 2K6)

  • Trails to Mount Washburn (Chittenden Road, and Dunraven Pass/ Mount Washburn trail) are closed due to road closure. (10/15/19)

7-Mile Hole (4K6)

  • 7-Mile hole trail has been cleared . (7/2/19)
  • Stock Use: Not suitable for stock
Wapiti Lake (4K7)
  • The Howard Eaton Trail is open from the Wapiti Lake Trailhead (4K7) south to the Sour Creek Junction. (9/02/19)
  • Horse Use:Fern Lake, Broad Creek, Astringent Creek, Upper Pelican Trails and Cold Creek have been cleared and are open to stock use.

Cascade, Grebe, Wolf & Ice Lake (4K2, 4K3, 4K4, 4K5, 4N4)

  • Observation Peak Trail is cleared. (7/25/19)
  • Cascade, Grebe Lake, Wolf Lake and Ice Lake trails have been cleared. (7/25/19)
  • Grebe Lake Trail has been cleared of downed trees. (7/25/19)

Mary Mountain/Hayden Valley & Cygnet Lakes (4N1, 4N3)

  • Mary Mountain trail is open. (7/29/19)
  • Cygnet Lakes Trail (4N3) has been cleared. (6/24/19)

Solfatara (1K7, 4K1)

  • Solfatara trailhead (1K7) is closed due to road construction. The Solfatara Creek trail can be accessed from the Solfatara Creek trailhead (4K1) located at Norris Campground. (5/10/19)
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Old Faithful Region

Lone Star (OK1)

  • Lone Star trail open.

Fairy Falls/Mystic Falls/Fountain Flats (OK4, OK5, OK6)

  • Fairy Creek Trail from Biscuit Basin is open. (7/24/19)
  • Bear Frequenting Warning for the areas around campsites OD1 and OD5. (9/6/19)
  • Fairy Falls, Imperial Geyser, and Sentinel Meadows trails open. (7/24/19)

Mallard Lake (OK9, OK3)

  • Mallard Lake Trail open. (7/24/19)

Mary Mountain (OK7)

  • Open. (7/9/19)

Summit Lake (9K9,OK4)

  • Summit Lake Trail has been cleared of trees.(8/04/19)

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Southeastern Region

Elephant Back, Natural Bridge, Storm Point
  • Elephant Back Trail open. (10/22/19)
  • Storm Point Trail Open. (10/29/19)
  • Pelican Creek Nature trail is closed for the 2019 season due to road construction projects.
  • Natural Bridge is open. (7/29/19)
  • Storm Point is marshy in areas. The bridge over the river on the west side is out. (7/29/19)
  • Horse use: Storm Point , Elephant Back and Avalanche peak are not suitable for stock.
Nine Mile Trailhead (5K5); Thorofare Trail / Mountain Creek (6K1, 6K2, 6K4, 6K5)
  • All park fires have been declared out. (10/02/19)
  • Stream crossings (Columbine Creek, Beaverdam Creek, Trappers Creek, Mountain Creek) crossable.(8/5/19)
  • Lower Fords of the Yellowstone River (near 6B1 and 6B2). Upper ford near 6B2 is 1.5 feet and slow. Fordable by foot and Stock. Hikers use caution. Lower ford is 2.0 feet and faster. Fordable by foot and stock.(8/8/9)
  • The confluence ford near campsite 6Y4,is running about 1 feet. Upper Yellowstone ford near campsite 6Y2 is about 1 feet. Upper Thorofare creek near the South Boundary is 2 feet. Lower Thorofare ford near 6T1 has a reroute approximately 50 yards upstream is 1 foot deep.(8/5/19)
  • Horse Use: Thorofare Trail, Mountain Creek,Lynx Creek open to stock, report that trail isn't cleared on the Forest Service side.(7/29/19)
Yellowstone Lake (5K1, 5K4, 5K6, 7K1)
  • All park fires have been declared out (10/02/19)
  • Boats permits and Aquatic Invasive species inspections are required and only available at the Snake River Ranger Station, Bridge Bay Ranger Station and the Grant Village Backcountry Office from 8:00am to 4:30 pm.
  • Strong Bear Warning for campsites 6A1, 6A2, 6A3, and 6A4. (8/24/19).
  • Hazard buoys, marker buoy, docks and navigation aids are in the process of being pulled from the Lake. Please familiarize yourself with the different hazards and zones of the lake prior to departing. Currently Plover Point (7M4)docks are pulled, Wolf Bay (7L5) and Eagle Bay (7L6) docks' are scheduled to be pulled by October 8th. (10/4/19)
  • Motorized boaters, it is your responsibility to know where the mileage zones and non-motorized boat zones are, and to abide by the regulations.
  • High winds are a daily occurrence on the lake, particularly in the afternoon. Canoeists and kayakers are urged to travel close to shore, evaluate conditions, get an early start, and complete open water crossings as quickly as possible.
Heart Lake (8N1)
  • Heart Lake open. (7/29/19)
  • Horse Use: Heart Lake is open to stock use. (7/15/19)
South Boundary Area/Snake River/Two Ocean Plateau (8K7, 8K8, 6K3)
  • Thorofare area is cleared of down trees.(8/12/19)
  • Confluence Ford is running 2 ft deep but tricky, use caution. Have good route finding with map and compass skills. (7/16/19)
  • All fords of the Snake River are crossable(9/23/19)
  • The Harebell Trail to Basin Creek Cutoff Trail has been cleared.
  • Nine Mile Cutoff between campsites 8C2 and 8C4 will require parties to follow the markers and have good map and compass skills. (7/14/19)
  • Two Ocean Plateau Trail has overgrown tread; map, compass/gps, strong navigation skills recommended. (7/18/19)
  • Two Ocean Plateau from Trail Cr. to 6M5, Two Ocean Cutoff, and Trail Cr. Trail west of Two Ocean Plateau Jct are clear of downed trees. (7/18/19)
  • Wolverine ford is less than 18" deep and easy to cross. (7/12/19)
  • Horse Use: South Boundary and Snake River are open to stock use. Two Ocean Plateau Trails are open to stock use.
Riddle Lake (7K3)
  • Riddle Lake Trail is open (7/15/19)
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Shoshone Lake/Lewis Lake (8K1, 7K2)

  • Strong Bear Warning for the section of the Shoshone Lake trail between campsite 8M1 and 8M2. Visitors reported seeing a carcass along the trail. (10/4/19)
  • South Shoshone Trail cleared of downed trees. (8/13/19)
  • North Shoshone Trail is clear of downed trees . (8/12/19)
  • Dogshead Trail, DeLacy Creek Trail and Lewis Channel Trail are clear of downed trees. (7/29/19)
  • Fording DeLacy Creek is required to access campsites 8S2 and 8S3 via the DeLacy Creek trailhead. (7/01/19)
  • Lewis Channel Ford at Outlet/South Shoshone Trail is 1-2.5 feet . (7/29/19)
  • High winds are a daily occurrence on the both Lewis and Shoshone Lakes, particularly in the afternoon. Boaters crossing Shoshone Lake should use good judgement to evaluate conditions and cross only at the "narrows".

Lone Star Trail (OK1) & Howard Eaton Trail (OK2)

  • Open and dry. (7/2/19)

Bechler Area

  • As the fall settles in, trail conditions are transitioning into wet/muddy/snowy conditions. Currently there is 10 inches of snow on the ground at the Bechler Ranger station(10/22/19)
  • CAUTION: Due to the recent rainfall streamflows have increased with rising waters. Search for the best crossing either up or downstream. Stream levels will be higher than normal for this time of the year. (9/11/19)
  • Cave Falls Road is in very poor condition. It is 14 miles of unpaved, rocky road to the Bechler Ranger Station, high clearance 4 wheel drive vehicles only. (10/22/19)
  • Grassy Lake Road is open. High clearance vehicles strongly advised.(7/28/19)
  • Horse Use: Horse use is open in the Bechler area. (7/07/19)

Bechler Meadows and Falls River area

  • Stock use: Bechler Meadows Trail open, marshy in areas. (7/16/19)

Bechler Canyon/Bechler River trail

  • Upper Meadow fords on the Bechler River trail are 2.5 feet deep. Crossable for foot and stock.(7/29/19)
  • The log bridge across the Ferris Fork (just south of campsite 9D1) is broken. Hikers will need to ford the Ferris Fork. The best place to cross may not be where the trail crosses the stream - hikers should scout for a location where the stream is not as swift. (7/31/19)
  • Old Faithful to campsite 9D4 has been cleared of downed trees.(7/22/19)
  • Stock Use: Open to stock use, bring fly wipe (7/29/19)

Boundary Creek/Dunanda Falls

  • Bartlett Slough crossing is approximately 2 ft deep, crossing log has been washed away. Boundary Creek crossing by 9A1 is approximately 1 1/2 ft deep. (7/29/19)
  • Stock Use: Open(7/29/19)

Robinson Creek

  • Robinson Creek Trail open. (7/29/19)
  • Stock use: Open to stock.(7/29/19)

Union Falls/Mountain Ash Creek

  • Open.
  • Stock Use: Open to stock. Make sure to use fly wipe.(7/29/19)

Pitchstone Plateau (8K4)

  • Trail cleared from Pitchstone Trailhead to campsites 8P1 and 8P2. Expect downfall along the trail southwest of the campsites. (9/23/19)
  • Stock Use: Open to stock from the Northern trailhead 8K4 to the campsites.(7/11/19)

Beula Lake/South Boundary Trail west (8K5, 8K6)

  • Stock Use: Open. (7/3/19)
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