Commercial Travel Permits

What is a commercial travel permit?
A commercial travel permit allows individuals traveling for business to pass through the park.

Why do you allow these commercial travel permits?
Permits allow us to control commercial travel in the park. Periodically we evaluate the impacts of the commercial travel permit to ensure this type of commercial travel does not adversely impact the park and visitors.

Who needs to obtain a commercial travel permit?
Anyone traveling through the park on any business or commercial purpose needs a commercial travel permit. Vehicle size is limited to passenger cars or vans and trucks up to one ton in size; trailers are not allowed.

How do I obtain a permit for commercial travel?
You can obtain permits in person at the entrance stations or by contacting our Visitor Services Office.

How much does a permit cost?
Annual permits—$150; single-trip permits—$40, valid for seven days.

Do I need to have a copy of the permit with me when I travel in the park?
Yes. You must have the permit in your possession and must show it upon request by park staff.

I have a small trailer attached to my vehicle; can I come through the park?
No. The terms and conditions of this permit for commercial travel prohibit any type of trailer.

I have antlers to sell; can I transport them in my pickup through the park?
No. Transporting natural resources, such as antlers or animal parts, for commercial purposes is prohibited.

My family is traveling with me; do I still need a commercial travel permit?
Yes, if the purpose of your travel through the park is commercial.

I’m supplying a business in the park; do I need a commercial travel permit?
No. Businesses working in the park are issued non-fee park supplier permits. Contact the Visitor Services Office or more information.

If I arrive at the entrance with my permit but in a vehicle larger than allowed, will I be allowed to travel through?
No. The terms of this commercial travel permit restrict vehicle size to passenger cars and vans or trucks up to one ton in size

Can I use my annual park pass for Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks instead of the commercial travel permit?
No, annual park passes or multi-day entrance receipts are not valid for commercial travel.

Are larger trucks and vehicles prohibited from traveling through the park?
Yes, commercial vehicles larger than one ton or those pulling any size trailer are still prohibited from park roads for commercial or business travel.

I’m guiding a commercial tour of the park in a van; do I need a commercial travel permit in addition to the commercial tour fee?
No, the commercial tour fee schedule, based on vehicle seating capacity, remains in effect and has not changed.

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Last updated: July 3, 2019

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