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Year Issues and Featured Articles Major Topics
2015 Volume 23 Number 2 (10 MB PDF)

Volume 23 Number 1 (8.2 MB PDF)
Grizzly bears

2014 Volume 22 Number 1 (14.8 MB PDF) Conference
2013 Volume 21 Number 1 (2.9 MB PDF)
2012 Volume 20 Number 2 (4.5 MB PDF) Archeology, Geology, History
"Stone Circles in Yellowstone," Livers, Michael
"Following the Path of Stone," Doss, Paul K. and Bleichroth, Amy
"Origins of a Continent," Mogk, David, Henry, Darrell, Mueller, Paul and Foster, David
"Passion and Hard Work (interview with Suzanne Lewis)," Reid, Charissa
Volume 20 Number 1 (1.6 MB PDF) Fungi, Gardiner Basin, Landscape, Vegetation
"Endemic Plants of Yellowstone," Whipple, Jennifer J.
"What Do We Know About Fungi in Yellowstone National Park?" Cripps, Cathy; Eddington, Leslie
"Yellowstone's Most Invaded Landscape," Hamilton III, E. William; Hellquist, Eric
2011 Volume 19 Number 3 (5.4 MB PDF) Birds, Conservation, Endangered Species, History, Trumpeter Swans, Wolverines
"Yellowstone's trumpeter swans in peril?," White, P.J.; Proffitt, Kelly M.; McEneaney,Terry P.; Garrrot, Robert L.; and Smith, Doug W.
"Robertson's Echo: The Conservation Ethic in the Establishment of Yellowstone and Royal National Parks," Scott, Kim Allen
"Wolverines in Greater Yellowstone," Murphy, Kerry; Wilmot, Jason; Copeland, Jeff; Tyers, Dan and Squires, John
Volume 19 Number 2 (2.5 MB PDF) Bears, Climate, Coyotes, Elk, Geography, Landscape, Northern Range, Research Methods, Resource Management Issues, Snow, Ungulates, Vegetation, Visitors, Winter, Wolves
"NATURE NOTE-A playful meeting between two keystone predators in the park," Ward, Nancy
"Infectious Diseases in Yellowstone's Canid Community," Almberg, Emily S.; Cross, Paul C.; Mech L., David; Smith, Doug, W.; Sheldon, Jennifer, W.; Crabtree, Robert, L.
"Yellowstone's Temperate Grasslands," Risch, A.C.; Frank, D.A.
"Are Wolves Saving Yellowstone's Aspen?" Kauffman, M.J.; Brodie, J.F.; Jules, E.S.
"Summer Kill Rates of Yellowstone Wolves," Metz, M.C.; Vucetich, J.A.; Smith, D.W.; Stahler, D.R.; Peterson, R.O.
"Soundscapes and the Winter Visitor Experience," Freimund, Wayne; Sacklin, John; Patterson, Mike; Bosak, Keith; Saxen, Shelley, W.
Volume 19 Number 1 (3.9 MB PDF) Bison, Brucellosis, Elk, History, Northern Range, Pronghorn, Wolves
"Carrying capacity and movements of Yellowstone bison," White, P.J., Plumb, Glenn E., Coughenour, Michael B., Wallen, Rick L.
"Balancing brucellosis risk management and wildlife conservation," White, P.J., Treanor, John J., Wallen, Rick L.
"SHORTS-Nutrient cycling: transitioning from an elk- to bison-dominated grassland system," White, P.J., Plumb, Glenn E., Wallen, Rick L.
"How many wolves were in the Yellowstone area in the 1870s? A revealing account from 1872," Whittlesey, Lee, Schullery, Paul
2010 Volume 18 Number 3 (3.2 MB PDF) Geothermal Resources, Mammoth Hot Springs, Microbiology
"It's not drying up, just changing: mapping change at Mammoth Hot Springs using aerial photographs and visual observations," Carr, Brett B.; Jaworowski, Cheryl; Heasler, Henry P.
"It's Not Drying Up, Just Changing: Mapping Change at Mammoth Hot Springs Using Aerial Photographs and Visual Observations," Carr, Brett B., Jaworowski, Cheryl, Heasler, Henry P.
"Yellowstone's Thermophiles: Microbial Diversity from Harsh Environments," Grogan, Dennis W.
Volume 18 Number 2 (4.5 MB PDF)
Volume 18 Number 1 (5.8 MB PDF)
2009 Volume 17 Number 3 (2.7 MB PDF) History, Lakes, Willow-Birds Trophic Cascade
"Sort of a Historian: Paul Schullery Retires (Interview)," Tami Blackford, Tom Olliff, Paul Schullery
"Land Use Land Use in Greater Yellowstone," Andrew J. Hansen
"Willow-bird relationships on the northern range," Baril, Lisa; Hansen, Andrew; Lawrence, Rick; Renkin, Roy
Volume 17 Number 2 (4.0 MB PDF) Fires-1988
"Media and the 1988 Yellowstone Fires," Joan Anzelmo (Sidebar)
"I was there," Bob Barbee
"Future forests, future fires," Norm Christensen
"I was there," Orville Daniels
"Changes in large fire management since the 1988 Fires," Steve Frye (Sidebar)
"Nature notes: A Yellowstone fire lookout reminisces about the 1988 fires," Kerry Gunther
"Past change in ecological and human communities as a context for fire management," Andrew J. Hansen (Sidebar)
"Ecological effects of the 1988 fires: A story of surprise, constancy and change," Monica J. Turner
"Science and the Media," John Varley
"Moving from fire management to learning to live with fire," George Weldon
"Why fire history matters," Cathy Whitlock
"Wildland fire management policy: Learning from the past and present and responding to future challenges," Tom Zimmerman
Volume 17 Number 1 (4.3 MB PDF) Amphibians, Geothermal Resources, Hares, Wolves
"Biodiversity and 'Crystal' Salamanders," McMenamin, Sarah K.
"Human impacts on geyser basins," Steingisser, Alethea; Marcus, W. Andrew
"White-tailed Jackrabbits in Yellowstone," Gunther, Kerry; Renkin, Roy; Halfpenny, James; Gunther, Stacey; Davis, Troy; and Schullery, Paul
"Nature Note: Wolves and Tigers: Reflections of Yellowstone in Corbett National Park, India," Barber-Meyer, Shannon
2008 Volume 16 Number 3 (2.8 MB PDF) Beavers, Fish, History
"Beavers of Yellowstone," Smith, Douglas W. and Tyers, Daniel B.
"Vaguely Disquieting Scenes: Fishing Bridge and the Evolution of American Sport Fishing in the Environmental Age," Schullery, Paul
"Between Heaven and Hell: Religious Language in Early Descriptions of Yellowstone," Barton, Michael D.
Volume 16 Number 2 (4.3 MB PDF) Bears
"Bears in transition 1959-1970s," Meagher, Mary
"From garbage, controversy, and decline to recovery," Haroldson, Mark A.; Schwartz, Charles C.; Gunther, Kerry A.
"Delisting the Yellowstone Grizzly," Servheen, Christopher; Shoemaker, Rebecca
"Delisted but not forgotten," Gunther, Kerry A.
"Human habituated bears," Human Habituated Bears
"Possible grizzly cub adoption in Yellowstone National Park (Nature Note)," Haroldson, Mark A.; Gunther, Kerry A.; Wyman, Travis
Volume 16 Number 1 (1.7 MB PDF) Climate, Moose, Vegetation
"Plants exposed to high levels of carbon dioxide in Yellowstone National Park," Tercek, Michael T., Al-Niemi, Thamir S., and Stout, Richard G.
"Moose population history on the northern Yellowstone winter range," Tyers, Daniel B.
"Wolf recovery in Yellowstone: park visitor attitudes, expenditures, and economic impacts," Duffield, John W., Neher, Chris J., and Patterson, David A.
2007 Volume 15 Number 3 (2.2 MB PDF) Backcountry, Bats, History, Vegetation
"What Draws People to Yellowstone's Backcountry," Oosterhous, Tim, Mike Legg, and Ray Darville
"Yellowstone's World of Bats: Taking Inventory of Yellowstone's Night Life," Keinath, Douglas A.
"Yellowstone Denied: The Life of Gustavus Cheyney Doane," Quinn, Leslie (book review by)
"Lichens in Yellowstone National Park," Eversman, Sharon
Volume 15 Number 2 (1.9 MB PDF) Amphibians, Bison, Elk, Fish
"Amphibians and Disease: Implications for Conservation in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem," Corn, Paul Stephen
"Brucellosis in Yellowstone bison: Implications for Conservation Management," Treanor, John J., Richard L. Wallen, David S. Maehr, and Philip H. Crowley
"Chronic wasting disease: Planning for an inevitable dilemma," White, P. J., and Troy Davis
"Whirling disease and native cutthroat trout of the Yellowstone Lake ecosystem," Koel, Todd M., Daniel L. Mahony, Kendra L. Kinnan, Charlotte Rasmussen, Crystal J. Hudson, Silvia Murcia, and Billie L. Kerans
"Wolf Diseases in Yellowstone National Park," Smith, Douglas W., and Emily Almberg
Volume 15 Number 1 (2.7 MB PDF) History, Microbiology
"Trailing Theodore Roosevelt Through Yellowstone: The Written and Visual Records of Roosevelt's 1903 Yellowstone Visit," Johnston, Jeremy
"A Ride to the Infernal Regions: Yellowstone's First Tourists," Hert, Tamsen Emerson (book review by)
"Unfolding the Mystery of Protein Thermostability," Peters, John, Brain Bothner, and Susan Kelly
2006 Volume 14 Number 4 (2.9 MB PDF) Geology, History
"Norris Geyser Basin's Dynamic Hydrothermal Features," Shean, David
"Control of Hydrothermal Fluids by Natural Fractures at Norris Geyser Basin," Jaworowski, Cheryl; Heasler, Hank P.; Hardy, Colin C.; and Lloyd P. Queen
"Charles Doolittle Walcott: A Forgotten Microbe Researcher in Yellowstone National Park," Smith, Diane, and Ellis Yochelson
"A brief look at Moran Point and Artist Point and their association with Thomas Moran and William Henry Jackson," Whittlesey, Lee
Volume 14 Number 3 (1.4 MB PDF) Bears, Resource Management Issues
"Grizzly bear nutrition and ecology," Robbins, Charles T.; Schwartz, Charles, C.; Gunther, Kerry A.; and Chris Servheen
"The rewards of adventurism," Varley, John D. (interview)
Volume 14 Number 2 (1.6 MB PDF) Fish
"Yellowstone cutthroat trout conservation," Koel, Todd M.; Bigelow, Patricia E.; Doepke, Philip D.; Ertel, Brian D.;and Mahoney, Daniel L.
"Source and date of lake trout introduction," Munro, Andrew R.; McMahon, Thomas E.;and Ruzycki, James R
"Lake fish hatchery and fishery operations," Whittlesey, Lee H.
Volume 14 Number 1 (1.4 MB PDF) Geology, Microbiology, Vegetation
"Panther Creek Volcano," Smith, Eugene and Bennett, Kristeen
"Microbial Ecology and Energetics," Spear, John R.; Walker, Jeffrey J.; and Pace, Norman R.
"In praise of the lowly lodgepole," Romme, Bill and Tinker, Dan
2005 Volume 13, Number 4 (2.4 MB PDF) Bison, Conference, Conservation, Fungi
"Do groomed roads increase bison mileage?" Franke, Mary Ann
"8th Biennial Scientific Conference Summary Wondrak," Biel, Alice
"Saving the charmed goose: Thoughts on a new strategy for conservation in the "Next West," Preston, Charles R.
"Fungi in Yellowstone's Geothermal Soils," Henson, Joan, et al.
Volume 13 Number 3 (2.5 MB PDF) Art, Elk, Geology, History
"Yellowstone, Art, and Aesthetic Conservation," Hassrick, Peter, H.
"Elk calf mortality post-wolf restoration," Barber, Shannon M., L. David Mech, and P.J. White
"Supervolcano truth and fiction," Lowenstern, Jake
"The Grand Canyon Hotel," Hert, Tamsen Emerson
Volume 13 Number 2 (1.5 MB PDF) Hares, History, Lynx
"Snowshoe Hares in Yellowstone," Hodges, Karen, and L. Scott Mills
"Yellowstone's first general store," Goss, Robert V.
"Snowshoe hares in Yellowstone," Hodges, Karen, and L. Scott Mills
Volume 13 Number 1 (1.8 MB PDF) Lynx, Wolves
"The Elusive Canada Lynx," Murphy, Kerry, Tiffany Potter, James Halfpenny, James, et al.
"Perspectives," Bangs, Ed, Barbee, Bob, Peterson, Rolf O.
"10 Years of Wolves," Smith, Douglas W.
"EIS Predictions and Appraisals," White, P.J., Douglas W. Smith et al.
2004 Volume 12 Number 4 (2.0 MB PDF) Geothermal Resources, History, Vegetation
"Bridge Bay spires," Cuhel, Russel, et al.
"Heritage Research Center Blackford, Tami
"Myth and History in the Creation of YNP," Scott, Kim Allen (book review by)
"Musings from the berry patch," Murphy, Sue Consolo
"YNP's botanist and herbarium," Whipple, Jennifer (interview)

Volume 12 Number 3 (1.5 MB PDF)

Birds, History, Fiction
"Additions to Yellowstone checklist, Raven predation (Nature Notes)," McEneaney, Terry
"A Yellowstone Reader," Hert, Tamsen (book review by)
"History of research permitting," Wondrak Biel, Alice
"Harry R. Horr," Coon, R. Brad
"A Yellowstone Reader," Hert, Tamsen (book review by)
Volume 12 Number 2 (1.8 MB PDF) Fires-1988
"Firestorm over the Inn," Henry, Jeff
"Old Faithful Inn centennial," Reinhart, Karen Wildung
"Robert C. Reamer," Quinn, Ruth
Volume 12 Number 1 (2.2 MB PDF) Conference, Mountain Lions
"Keynote address from 7th scientific conference," Sanderson, Dr. Steven E.
"Ghost of the Rockies," Ruth, Toni K.
"Life and death of M139," Ruth, Toni K.
"Mountain lions and art," Hassrick, Peter
2003 Volume 11 Number 4 (1.4 MB PDF) Archeology, Conservation
"Record of Early People on Yellowstone Lake," Shortt, Mack W.
"A Volunteer's Perspective," Reynolds, John
"Archeology 101," Johnson, Ann
"The Froth and the Fury," Roosevelt, Theodore IV
"Red Sowash and the Round Prairie Saloon," Flather, Bob
Volume 11 Number 3 (1.4 MB PDF) Geography, History
"Roosevelt Arch: Window Into Gardiner," Wondrak Biel, Alice
"Roosevelt Arch Centennial History," Whittlesey, Lee and Paul Schullery
Volume 11 Number 2 (1.8 MB PDF) Fish, Geology
"Fish eating behavior," Schullery, Paul
"Yellowstone Lake floor," Morgan, Lisa, Pat Shanks, Dave Lovalvo, et al.
"Philosophy of science," Morgan, Lisa (interview)
Volume 11 Number 1 (0.8 MB PDF) History, Visitors
"Apollinaris Spring," Whittlesey, Lee
"Wildlife-Human conflicts," Olliff, Tom and James W. Caslick
2002 Volume 10 Number 4 (0.7 MB PDF) Bears, Conservation, History, Microbiology
"Bear on Bear Predation in Hayden Valley," Gunther, Kerry A. and Mark J. Biel
"Mardy Murie turns 100," Schullery, Paul
"1960s atmospheric research," Brock, Thomas D.
Search for Life in Well Y-7," Spear, John, Jeffrey J. Walker, Susan Barns, & Norman R. Pace
Volume 10 Number 3 (0.9 MB PDF) Conservation, History, Visitors
"Kenyan conservationist offers thoughts on Yellowstone," Leakey, Richard (interview)
"Draper Museum opens," Schullery, Paul
"Wildlife Watching: visitor attitudes and desires," Wondrak, Alice K.
"Life and death of wolf #7," Smith, Douglas W.
Volume 10 Number 2 (0.5 MB PDF) Bison, History, Mountain Lions, Resource Management Issues, Ungulates, Winter
"Snowmobile vs. bison (Nature Note)," Hare, Hobie
"Theodore Roosevelt and predator control," Johnston, Jeremy
"Ecological dynamics on the northern range," National Academy of Sciences report
Volume 10 Number 1 (0.8 MB PDF) Birds, Climate, Fox, History, Vegetation
"Christmas bird count 2001 (Nature Note)," McEneaney, Terry
"Crevice Lake sediment records," Whitlock, Cathy
"Red fox," Fuhrmann, Bob
2001 Volume 9 Number 4 (0.6 MB PDF) Geothermal Resources, History
"Waiting on the Beehive (Nature Note)," Green, Mike
"Native Americans and geysers," Weixelman, Joseph O.
"Davis Collection Davis," Susan and Jack (interview)
Volume 9 Number 3 (0.3 MB PDF) Bears, Bison, History
"Grizzly bear predation on bison (Nature Notes)," Varely, Nathan and Wyman, Travis
"Mike Finley looks back on his career," Finley, Michael, V.
"Christmas in August Quinn," Leslie J.
Volume 9 Number 2 (0.6 MB PDF) Archeology, Bears, Fish, Lake, Visitors
"Yellowstone River Valley Site Inventory," Shortt, Mack W.
"Rural residential development and grizzlies," Johnson, Vanessa K.
"Survey of visitors on lake trout reduction," Cherry, Todd L, and Shogren, Jason F.
"Survey of visitors on invasive species management in Yellowstone Lake," Cherry, Todd L, and Shogren, Jason F.
Volume 9 Number 1 (0.5 MB PDF) Birds, Fungi, Resource Management Issues
"Christmas bird counts 20th century," McEneaney, Terry
"Pilobolus," Foos, K. Michael
"Time Machine (Nature Note)," Wondrak, Alice
"Cultural resources management," Joss, Laura (interview)
"Preserving Yellowstone's Natural Conditions," Schullery, Paul (book review by)
2000 Volume 8 Number 4 (0.5 MB PDF) Geology, History
"Greater Yellowstone geoecosystem," Smith, Robert B. (interview)
"Windows into the Earth," Thompson, Mike (book review by)
"Architecture," Wheaton, Robert L.
"Tribute to Aubrey Haines," Schullery, Paul
Volume 8 Number 3 (0.5 MB PDF) Fish, History
"Yellowstone Fishes-Ecology, History, and Angling in the Park," Mossman, Rick (book review by)
"Arctic grayling," Kaya, Cal
"Firefighting, 1872-1918," Weber, Doug
"Cultural landscape of the Upper Geyser Basin," Byrand, Karl
Volume 8 Number 2 (1.0 MB PDF) Elk, History, Northern Range, Ungulates
"Reduction program, oral history of," Cole, Glen; Good, John; Haraden, Robert
"Elk reduction, history of,"
"Northern Range, oral history project," Cole, Glen; Good, John; Haraden, Robert
"Perspectives from oral history project," Cole, Glen (interview) Good, John Haraden, Robert (interview) Howe, Bob (clip from interview) Keller, Bill (clip from interview) Meagher, Mary (clip from interview) Nuss, Dale (clip from interview) Scott, Ted (clip from interview)
"Ungulate reductions," oral history of Cole, Glen (interview) Good, John Haraden, Robert (interview) Howe, Bob (clip from interview) Keller, Bill (clip from interview) Meagher, Mary (clip from interview) Nuss, Dale (clip from interview) Scott, Ted (clip from interview)
Volume 8 Number 1 (0.4 MB PDF) Coyotes, History
"Wolf-coyote interaction (Nature Note)," Robinson, Betsy and Gehman, Steve
"Park as Museological Space," Patin, Thomas
"Yellowstone Nature Notes: a neglected documentary resource," Schullery, Paul and Whittlesey, Lee
"A Ride to the Infernal Regions, account of first tourist party," Silliman, Lee
"Wolf-coyote interaction," (Nature Note) Robinson, Betsy and Gehman, Steve
1999 Volume 7 Number 3 (0.4 MB PDF) Elk, Northern Range, Ungulates
"Ungulate management," review of National Academy of Science Committee
"Perspectives on ungulate management," Baughman, John (Wyo. G&F) Dennis, John (NPS-Washington D.C.) Finley, Michael V. (NPS-Yellowstone) Lococo, Andrea (Fund for Animals) Torbit, Steve (National Wildlife Fed.) Wagner, Frederic W. (National Center for Ecological Analysis)
Volume 7 Number 2 (0.5 MB PDF) Coyotes, Geology, Mammoth Hot Springs, Winter
"Ecological role of coyotes on northern range," Crabtree, Robert L. and Sheldon, Jennifer W.
"Development of snowmobile policy," Yochim, Michael J.
"Ground-penetrating radar studies at Mammoth Hot Springs," Speece, Marvin and Joss, Laura
"Ground-penetrating radar studies of," Speece, Marvin and Joss, Laura
Volume 7 Number 1 (4.0 MB PDF) Amphibians, Birds, Geology, History
"Are amphibians declining in YNP?" Patla, Debra and Peterson, Chuck
"Whooping cranes," Clegg, Kent (interview)
"Interpreting the Landscape (geology)," Dickey, Neysa (book review by)
"Folsom-Cook-Peterson diary," Scott, Kim Allen
1998 Volume 6 Number 4 (0.4 MB PDF) Geothermal Resources, History, Pronghorn
"Geyser gazing," Taylor, Ralph
"Forest and Stream index," Broadbent, Sarah
"Yellowstone History:125 Years and More to Tell," Haines, Aubrey (interview)
"Relict Herd in a Shrinking Habitat," Caslick, James W.
Volume 6 Number 3 (4.2 MB PDF) Fires-1988, Fish, Geography, History, Rivers, Wolverines
"Stream ecosystem responses to wildfire," Minshall, G. Wayne; Robinson, Christopher T.; and Royer, Todd V.
"Stream ecosystem responses to wildfire," Minshall, G. Wayne
"The Spirit of Yellowstone: The Cultural Evolution of a National Park," Shively, Carol (book review by)
"Yellowstone and a sense of place," Meyer, Judith (interview)
"The Spirit of Yellowstone: The Cultural Evolution of a National Park," Shively, Carol (book review by)
"Searching for skunk bears," Robinson, Betsy and Gehman, Steve
Volume 6 Number 2 (3.6 MB PDF) Birds, Geology, History, Resource Management Issues
"Peregrine falcons," McEneaney, Terry; Heinrich, Bill; and Oakleaf, Bob
"Absaroka volcanic province history," Hiza, Margaret M.
"Resource management in the NPS," Sellars, Richard W. (interview)
"Preserving Nature in the National Parks," Suderman, Brian (book review by)
"History of NPS resource management," Sellars, Richard (interview)
Volume 6 Number 1 (3.4 MB PDF) Bears, History, Otters
"24 years of study," Knight, Richard R. (interview)
"Carcass beetles," Sikes, Derek S.
"River otters," Varley, Nathan
1997 Volume 5 Number 4 (2.5 MB PDF) Climate, Geology, History
"Reconstructing climate history," Elias, Scott A.
"Chloride flux, obsidian hydration," Friedman, Irving (interview)
"Reconstructing climate history from glacial geology," Elias, Scott A.
"Mammoth Hotel labor strike," Fontenot, Brit T.
Volume 5 Number 3 (0.5 MB PDF) Fires-1988, Invertebrates, Visitors, Wolves
"Fire effects in grasslands," Tracy, Benjamin
"Effects of burned aspen groves on land snails," Beetle, Dorothy E.
"User attitudes on llama packing," Blanha, Dale and Archibald, Kari
"Land snails," Beetle, Dorothy
"Discovering Yellowstone Wolves: Watchers Guide Bishop," Norm (book review by)
"Wolf Wars," Bishop, Norm (book review by)
"Yellowstone Wolf: A Guide and Sourcebook," Bishop, Norm (book review by)
Volume 5 Number 2 (3.6 MB PDF) Birds, Bison, Climate, History, Rivers, Winter
"Wilderness users attitudes about llama packing," Blanha, Dale J. and Archibald, Kari S.
"Effects of winter roads on wildlife (bison)," Meagher, Mary (interview)
"Harlequin ducks," McEneaney, Terry
"Weather data and snow," Farnes, Phil
"Yellowstone Ski Pioneers," Olliff, Tom (book review by)
"Changes over time, seen in comparative photos," Meagher, Mary (interview)
"Snow Survey methods," data Farnes, Phil
"Winter severity index," Farnes, Phil
Volume 5 Number 1 (0.5 MB PDF) Backcountry, Bears, Fires-1988, Fish, Resource Management Issues, Visitors, Water Quality
"Campsite use/forest structure," Taylor, James Y.
"The Grizzly Bears of Yellowstone: Their Ecology in the Yellowstone Ecosystem, 1959-1992," Boyce, Mark (book review by)
"Sediment study, northern Yellowstone," Ewing Roy
"Fisheries management," Franke, Mary Ann (Part II)
"Sediment study, northern Yellowstone," Ewing, Roy
"Campsite impacts," Taylor, James
"Suspended sediment study," Ewing, Roy
1996 Volume 4 Number 4 (0.5 MB PDF) Fish, History, Resource Management Issues
"Migratory behavior of the Jackson elk herd," Smith, Bruce
"Fisheries management," Franke, Mary Ann (Part 1)
"Vampire insects," Burger, John
"Native versus exotic species," Soulé, Michael (interview)
Volume 4 Number 3 (3.6 MB PDF) Bears, Elk, Geothermal Resources, Research Methods
"Saving North America's Grizzly Bear Ecosystems," Herrero, Steve (interview)
"Astringent Creek." Hutchinson, Roderick
"Satellite data," Debinski, Diane
Volume 4 Number 2 (3.8 MB PDF) Fish, History, Inverterbrates, Lakes
"Lake trout in Yellowstone Lake," Gresswell, Bob (interview)
"Roads," Sandeen, Eric (review of Mary Culpin's book)
"Terrestrial invertebrates," Christiansen, Tim A.
"Yellowstone Lake and change," Gresswell, Bob (interview)
Volume 4 Number 1 (2.4 MB PDF) Bears, Millipedes, Northern Range
"Human injuries, 1970-94," Gunther, Kerry, and Hoekstra, Hopi
"Yellowstone's first," Shelley, Rowland
"Grazing on the Northern Range," McNaughton, Sam (interview)
1995 Volume 3 Number 4 (2.4 MB PDF) Coyotes, Fisher, Geothermal Resources, History, Resource Management Issues
"Studies," Crabtree, Robert L. (interview)
"Yellowstone Lake floor geothermal features," Klump, Val; Remsen, Tony; and Lovalvo, Dave
"Stalking the elusive fisher," Gehman, Steve
"Strange Genius: The Life of Ferdinand Hayden," Quinn, Leslie (book review by)
"Yellowstone Ecosystem Studies," Crabtree, Robert (interview)
Volume 3 Number 3 (0.8 MB PDF) Birds, Geothermal Resources, History, Landscape, Wolves
"Black-throated sparrow," McEneaney, Terry
"Old Faithful video probe," Kieffer, Susan W; Westphal, James A.; and Hutchinson, Roderick A.
"1860s accounts," Whittlesey, Lee
"Mountains and plains: the ecology of Wyoming landscapes," Whitlock, Cathy (book review by)
"Restoration," Mech, L. David (interview)
Volume 3 Number 2 (3.6 MB PDF) Bears, Birds, Geology, History
"Natural history and high-tech methods," French, Marilynn and Steve (interview)
"White-tailed ptarmiganm," McEneaney, Terry
"A Field-Trip Guide to YNP, WY, MT, and ID-Volcanic, Hydrothermal, and Glacial Activity in the Region," Good, John M. (book review by)
"Snipe flies," Burger, John
Volume 3 Number 1 (0.48 MB PDF) Bears, Bison, Resource Management Issues
"Aversive conditioning," Gillin, Collin M.; Hammond, Forest M.; and Peterson, Craig M.
"Brucellosis," Boyce, Mark S.
"Science in the park," Barbee, Robert (interview)
1994 Volume 2 Number 4 (0.8 MB PDF) Elk, History, Mountain Lions
"Bark eating by elk," Henry, Jeff
"1880s winter wildlife survey," Schullery, Paul
"Tracking and handling," Murphy, Kerry (interview, Part 2)
Volume 2 Number 3 (3.4 MB PDF) Birds, Fish, Mountain Lions
"Bald eagle," Harmata, Al
"Cutthroat trout parasites," Heckmann, Richard
"Study results," Murphy, Kerry (interview, Part 1)
Volume 2 Number 2 (0.6 MB PDF) Fires-1988, Insects, Visitors
"Attitudes toward wildlife," Compton, Gail W
"Aquatic insects," Roemhild, George
"Media coverage," Smith, Conrad (interview)
"Aquatic insects and the 1988 fires," Roemhild, George
"Demographics," Bath, Alistair J.
1993 Volume 2 Number 1 (1.6 MB PDF) Fires-1988, Lakes, Mine Tailings, Resource Management Issues
"Research on effects," Knight, Dennis
"Impacts on the water quality of Yellowstone's large lakes," Lathrop, Richard G
"Impacts of the 1988 fires on the water quality of large lakes," Lathrop, Richard G.
"Soda Butte Creek," Meyer, Grant
"Tasmania and Yellowstone," Smith, Steven (interview)
Volume 1 Number 4 (1.2 MB PDF) Elk, History, Research Methods, Resource Management Issues, Wolves
"Why do elk eat burned bark?" White, P.J., and Garrott, Robert A.
"Native American use of obsidian," Cannon, Kenneth P.
"DNA fingerprinting," Varley, John D.
"An Environmental Profile of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem," Boyce, Mark S. (book review by)
"Last wolf killed in Yellowstone," Cottenoir, Leo (interview)
Volume 1 Number 3 (2.2 MB PDF) Fox, Fungi, History, Resource Management Issues
"Mountain fox," Crabtree, Robert
"Pilobolus ecology," Foos, K. Michael
"Spirit of place and the value of nature in the American West," Flores, Dan
"Greater Yellowstone Conservation Data Center," Feigley, Pete (interview)
"The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem: Redefining America's Wilderness Heritage," Neel, Susan Rhoades (book review by)
Volume 1 Number 2 (0.6 MB PDF) Elk, History, Landscape, Research Methods
"Calf predation," Harting, Bert (interview)
"Archives," Tankersley, Tom
"Landscape ecology," Shovic, Henry; Johnson, Mark; and Porter, Helen Hadley
"GIS," Shovic, Henry; Johnson, Mark; and Porter, Helen Hadley
1992 Volume 1 Number 1 (3.1 MB PDF) Climate, Otters, Research Methods
"Global change in greater Yellowstone," Romme, William H., and Turner, Monica G.
"Paleoecology, Ecological history buried in park caves," Barnosky, Elizabeth (interview)
"Radiotelemetry," Johnson, Mark
"Yellowstone Vegetation: Consequences of Environment and History in a Natural Setting," Knight, Dennis (book review by)

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