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Within each national park various offices manage budget and finance, concession operations, visitor protection, interpretation and education, facilities and infrastructure, and the protection and preservation of cultural and natural resources. Explore our offices to gain a better understanding of how the National Park Service manages Yellowstone.

A man sitting at a desk
Cameron Sholly, Superintendent

Office of the Superintendent

The Office of the Superintendent is located at park headquarters in Mammoth Hot Springs. This office has the ultimate responsibility for managing a 2.2-million-acre park with a staff of 800 National Park Service employees and a budget of approximately $33 million, including cooperating with the surrounding communities where visitors from the park spend an estimated $333 million a year.

A person moving boxes stacked on a pallet
Receiving a shipment in the supply center

Administration & Partnership Youth Programs

This office supports park staff with day-to-day operations in technology services software and hardware support (including over 2,500 phones, radios, computers, and security systems) and maintains internal controls for issuing supplies and tracking just over 12,000 accountable personal property assets. They also handle shipping and receiving for the park and receive and distribute mail (a whopping 85,000 pieces annually). Youth Program staff provide residential and outreach education programs to over 40,000 students and teachers each year and serve as NPS liaisons with Yellowstone Forever, the park's philanthropic and education partner.

A tour bus parked in front of a hotel
Yellow bus parked in front of the Lake Hotel

Business & Commercial Services

This office manages the businesses that provide food, lodging, and medical services, plus various permitted activities, such as boating, horseback riding, and guided tours. With 2,225 guest rooms, 28 food and beverage operations, 21 gift shops, 11 grocery stores, and 5 campgrounds, they stay very busy.

People welding a piece of machinery
A mechanic welding a rotary blower

Facility Management & Operations

This division oversees the monumental operation of maintaining campgrounds, buildings, grounds, roads, trails, and utilities. They are on the cutting edge of recycling efforts, pollution prevention, and waste reduction, while confronting the challenges created by Yellowstone's remote location

A park ranger high fives a young visitor
Swearing in a new Junior Ranger

Resource Education & Youth Programs

Education rangers are the bridge between visitors and the park. These rangers staff the visitor centers and provide talks, walks, hikes, and campfire programs. They write and design roadside and indoor exhibits, publications, videos, and webpages, and engage with the public through social media. They connect young visitors through Junior Ranger and other youth programs. Learn more about the Division of Resource Education and Youth Programs.

A park ranger unties a boat from a dock
A park ranger prepares to patrol Yellowstone Lake

Visitor & Resource Protection

Yellowstone's law enforcement rangers provide safety and security for the park's visitors and its resources. They're in charge of emergency medical services, search and rescue, structural and wildland fire, and law enforcement. Learn more about the park's laws and policies.

A uniformed person talking to another person with camera.
Public Information Officer giving an interview

Strategic Communications, Office of the Superintendent

The team promotes clear, consistent, accurate, timely, and engaging communication about the park and its Strategic Priorities through collaboration and alignment of staff and partners. It offers a wide variety of services, products, and guidance related to four major functions: strategic vision/planning, media relations, digital communications, and internal communications.

A person in a boat holding a lake trout
A lake trout removed from Yellowstone Lake

Yellowstone Center for Resources

Staff in the Yellowstone Center for Resources research and monitor the park's archeology, fisheries, geology, historic structures, vegetation, and wildlife. Division staff also operate the park's library and museum collections at the Heritage and Research Center.

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