Fire Season Summary

Fire Monitoring Crew
Fire effects crews monitoring the Maple Fire.

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The 2017 fire season had eight fires in Yellowstone with less than one acre burned. Six were the result of human activity and the other two were lightening caused.


2017 Fires

Fire Name Cause Acres Status
Marsh Human 0.1 Out
Canyon Lightning 0.1 Out
Midway Human 0.1 Out
Ribbon Human 0.1 Out
West Boundary Human 0.1 Out
Potts Basin Lightning 0.1 Out
Flat Mountain Human 0.1 Out
Firehole Human 0.1 Out

2016 Fires

During the 2016 fire season, 22 fires burned more than 70,284 acres (28,442 hectares) in Yellowstone. Seven were the result of human activity such as a campfire, vehicle operation, or cigarettes. The rest were naturally caused by lightning. Eleven fires were suppressed because values were threatened. Many fires were managed to allow them to perform their natural role in the ecosystem. The largest of these fires, the Maple fire, burned over 51,555 acres.

Fire Name Cause Acres Status
Grayling Lightning 0.1 OUT
Golden Human 0.1 OUT
Lammar Foot Human 0.1 OUT
Bluff Lightning 9 OUT
Black Butte Lightning 0.7 OUT
Bighorn Lightning 0.1 OUT
Spasm Human 0.1 OUT
Cougar Human 0.1 OUT
Fawn Lightning 2,706 OUT
Hornaday Lightning 0.1 OUT
Maple Lightning 51,555 OUT
Dresser Human 0.1 OUT
Pocket Lightning 0.5 OUT
Buffalo Lightning 13,697 OUT
Boundary Human 192 OUT
Thumb Lightning 1.9 OUT
Grayling 2 Lightning 0.88 OUT
Sand Lightning 0.1 OUT
Central Lightning 2,129 OUT
Jasper Lightning 0.1 OUT
Petrified Lightning 0.1 OUT
Talus Human 0.1 OUT

Last updated: February 21, 2019

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