Fire Dispatch

Yellowstone’s Fire and Aviation Dispatch Center is responsible for taking fire reports from Yellowstone's fire lookouts, visitors, and other park employees. The appropriate resources are then selected by the Duty Officer and dispatched to the location. After the resources arrive on scene, the dispatch office takes any requests for additional personnel, supplies, aircraft, engines, or equipment. If possible, these are filled with park resources. If they are not, dispatch will pass on the request to Bozeman Interagency Dispatch where it will be filled or moved up to the next level of the dispatch chain.

When Yellowstone receives a request for its resources to go outside of the park on assignment, the dispatch office is also responsible for finding the requested resource and dispatching the resource to the appropriate location.

The dispatch office is responsible for tracking all resources assigned to park incidents as well as the area just outside the northern and northeastern boundary. Besides fire, this includes search and rescue (SAR) operations, and any special incidents such as Presidential visits, large law enforcement operations, and special events. The dispatch office is responsible for flight-following with aircraft in Yellowstone. This consists of maintaining regular check-ins and location of numerous research flights, the contract helicopter, search and rescue aircraft, and project aircraft. In addition, the dispatch office is responsible for ordering and tracking lifeflights for medical incidents and calls.


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