Yellowstone Alphabet Book: KLMNO

A bird, with slightly puffed feathers, sits on a wire.
American kestrel

NPS / Jim Peaco

K is for Kestrel

American kestrels are the smallest falcon in North America. Visitors are encouraged to report sightings of this and other raptors or birds of prey.

Two birds with dark heads and red eyes rest on placid water.
Common loon


L is for Loon

Common loons are dependent on wetlands and are unable to walk on land. Yellowstone's common loon population is isolated. The closest common loon populations are more than 200 miles north of the park. The common loon is a species of concern in Yellowstone.

Four anter-less bull moose walk through grass

NPS / Jim Peaco

M is for Moose

Bull moose usually shed their antlers in the beginning of winter to help conserve energy and survive the winter. Moose like to spend their summers near rivers and streams where the plants are lush, green, and tasty.

A light grey bird sits on a twig as snow falls.
Clark's nutcracker

NPS / Jim Peaco

N is for Nutcracker

Clark's nutcrackers collect seeds from whitebark pine and limber pine trees and bury them for later. The seeds that aren't retrieved are important to growing new pine trees.

A river otter sits on a piece of ice in the middle of a river
River otter

NPS / Neal Herbert

O is for Otter

River otters eat fish, frogs, and other animals that are found near water. They are agile and fast swimmers and can swim underwater. They are less agile on land, except on snow and ice where they will hop and slide.


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  • KLMNO: Kestrel, Loon, Moose, Nutcracker, Otter
  • PQRST: Pronghorn, Thermus aQuaticus, Raven, Sheep, Trumpeter Swan
  • UVWXYZ: Uinta Ground Squirrel, Vole, Wolf, LynX, Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout, Zygogonium

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