Lake Hotel

A historic yellow vehicle in front of a historic yellow building
Today, Lake Hotel looks quite a bit different than when it opened in 1891.

NPS/Neal Herbert


The Lake Hotel is the oldest operating hotel in the park. It was designated a National Historic Landmark in 2015. When it opened in 1891, the building resembled other hotels financed by the Northern Pacific Railroad. In 1903, the architect of the Old Faithful Inn, Robert Reamer, designed the Ionic columns, extended the roof in three places, and added the 15 false balconies, which caused it to be known for years as the “Lake Colonial Hotel.” By 1929, additional changes—dining room, porte-cochere (portico), sunroom, plus interior refurbishing—put the finishing touches on the “grande damme” we see today.

Loading up a canoe shuttle on Yellowstone Lake.

Fishing Bridge, Lake, and Bridge Bay

Explore the shores and waters of Yellowstone Lake.

Sunset turns the sky a bright orange as waves lap against the lakeshore.

Yellowstone Lake

The earliest intact archeological deposits in the park have been found at a site on the shore of Yellowstone Lake.

A yellow bus in front of a yellow wood-sided building with white pillars and trim


Every place and building in Yellowstone has a story.

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