Lesson Plan

Making Tracks

Grizzly bear tracks in the dirt
Grizzly bear tracks


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Grade Level:
Kindergarten-Sixth Grade
Art, Biology: Animals, Writing
15 minutes
Group Size:
Up to 36
National/State Standards:
art, grizzly bear, wolf, writing


Students will explore the similarities and differences between their tracks and those of wolves and bears.


Students will compare the tracks of grizzly bears, wolves and humans and make observations about their similarities and differences.


Many people who visit Yellowstone hope to see bears and wolves. For the safety of visitors and the animals it is required to remain 100 yards from all bears and wolves.


Making Tracks handout – one per student



Discuss or read the student answers to the comparison questions on the worksheet.

Park Connections

Many people who visit Yellowstone hope to see bears and wolves. This activity allows for some size comparison from the safety of the classroom.


As a class learn more about bears and wolves such as their behavior, other identification charicteristics or management history in Yellowstone.

Additional Resources

The Bears of Yellowstone Electronic Field Trip. This field trip is currently unavailable. 

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