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Landscaping with Wind and Water

Picture of a Eagle Peak mountian againsts a blue sky

Eagle Peak

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Grade Level:
Fourth Grade-Eighth Grade
Earth Science, Geology, Glaciers, Reading, Tectonics, Volcanoes
1 hour
Group Size:
Up to 36 (6-12 breakout groups)
National/State Standards:
Next Generation Science Standards: MS-ESS1-4., 2-ESS2-2., 4-ESS2-1., 5-ESS2-1., MS-ESS2-1., MS-ESS2-2.
earth science, erosion, geology, glaciers, reading, sedimentation, tectonics, uplift, volcanoes, weathering


Students demonstrate the destructive forces of erosion on small “mountains” and survey an area in the park, such as Lamar Valley, to identify evidences of erosion. Students interview a petrified tree in its natural setting to learn more about the changing landscape of Yellowstone.


  • Demonstrate how wind, water, and ice are major agents of erosion.
  • Identify erosion caused by wind and water in Yellowstone National Park. 


Landforms are created by constructive and destructive forces. In Yellowstone, constructive forces include uplift, volcanic eruptions, and sedimentation from inland seas and rivers. Destructive forces include weathering and erosion. Both types can change land forms dramatically.


Geologic event cards, erosion Investigation handout, plastic cups, plastic misting bottles, hand lenses, drinking straws, toothpicks, dirt, rocks, water, ice cubes, journals.


Park Connections

Erosion continues to shape the landscape of Yellowstone National Park.

Additional Resources

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On the Scene of the Yellowstone Hotspot: Electronic Field Trip. This field trip is currently unavailable. 

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Yellowstone Exposed: Mysteries in the Living Laboratory: Electronic Field Trip. This field trip is currently unavailable.


pplift, volcanic, sedimentation, weathering, erosion

Last updated: June 12, 2015