Expedition Yellowstone

A class group listens to a ranger at Mammoth Hot Springs terraces

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Teachers can view a sample of the Expedition Yellowstone curriculum. The curriculum in its entirety can be purchased for $60 through the Yellowstone Association by calling 406-848-2400.

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Click here for Curriculum Supplements and Curriculum Alignment with Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho Education Standards.

Don't miss Inside Yellowstone's exciting video on Expedition Yellowstone.


EY STaRRs: a supplement to the Expedition Yellowstone curriculum focuses on conducting scientific field investigations


American Indian History and Culture, Art, Biology: Animals, Biology: Plants, Botany, Community, Conservation, Earth Science, Ecology, Education, Environment, Fire Ecology, Geology, Geometry, Glaciers, History, Hydrology, Mathematics, Military and Wartime History, Performing Arts, Physical Science, Poetry, Reading, Safety, Science and Technology, Social Studies, Tectonics, Volcanoes, Wildlife Biology, Wildlife Management, Writing
National/State Standards:
All lesson plans are aligned with Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho Education Standards.

Last updated: June 12, 2015