Studying Native & Invasive Plants


Did you know Yellowstone has a vegetation monitoring program? Scientists like Stefanie inventory, monitor, manage, and conduct research on the 1,386 native plant species and 225 non-native plant species documented in the park. This program allows us to see increases or decreases of invasive species and their impact on native flora, as well as the effects of climate change.

"Most visitors come to see the iconic wildlife and geysers that make Yellowstone famous, but what would that visit be like without the beautiful wildflowers, the towering trees, and the sea of sagebrush that make the valleys so spectacular? Plants provide food and habitat for all manner of wildlife from bison to insects, wolves to birds. I love the diversity and beauty of plants and the intricate role they play in the ecosystem; they make me smile every day." - Vegetation Ecologist Stefanie Wacker

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Last updated: September 21, 2020

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